Once you know that you’re ready to work with a clinic for your surrogacy journey, the next step is finding the best surrogacy center for you. 

How do you know which choice is right for you when there are so many? Are you wondering if there is a good clinic near me?

Let’s have a look at what you should consider while choosing the best surrogacy center:

  1. What are the services that the clinic offers to intended parents and surrogates?

The best surrogacy clinics will act as your full-cycle center, handling everything from case management to delivery. Depending on your previous surrogacy experience, you may have unique resources in mind for your surrogacy journey. Use this question to make sure that your surrogacy goals and preferences are met by a particular surrogacy center.

At ADONIS, we recognize that we have a significant impact on the lives of future parents around the world, so we provide all levels of services for our clients.

  1. Is it better to choose a surrogate agency or clinic near me?

Not necessarily, since you do not need to be present at the place during all the process. As you may already know, the surrogacy price may be very costly, so for that reason, it is very reasonable to choose distant surrogacy programs, in Ukraine for instance.

Ukraine is one of the few European countries that recognize surrogacy, making it a fitting location for many parents from around the world.

At ADONIS we organize all the processes for you, including legalization, notarization and translation of all required documents. You will have a personal coordinator along all the way to handle all possible difficulties and make the whole process more smooth. 

  1. What are the costs for surrogacy programs at the agency/clinic?

The world average surrogacy cost is about 80,000 USD. In Ukraine between 35,000 USD and 55,000 USD, while in the USA the cost can easily reach 150,000 USD. 

Meanwhile, at ADONIS we have prices starting from 35,858 USD and the maximum price of surrogacy with unlimited attempts is 55,000 USD, while the quality of services, methods and equipment meets international standards and is the same as in the United States.

So if you do not have a surrogacy agency or clinic near you or your budget is tight, consider a distant surrogacy process, which will be way less expensive even with travel expenses. 

  1. How can I trust the clinic?

It is always good to check what other people are sharing about their experiences.

You can always see live reviews on our YouTube channel as well as on TrustPilot.

Should you have any questions or doubts left, we are always here ready to help you to find the best solution and accomplish your dream of having a family! 

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