Surrogacy laws in Canada and Ukraine: What are the nuances?

Surrogacy is the way of overcoming fertility issues where the third part (the Surrogate mother) carries the baby for Intended parents. 

As the Surrogate process deals with the state legislation and documenting, it’s important to know more about the Surrogacy legality in different countries. 

Since Canada is known as one of the most friendly states for Surrogacy. Let’s discover more about Surrogacy laws in Canada and provide a comparison with the Surrogacy process in Ukraine. 

Surrogacy in Canada

Canada is the country with stable legislation in terms of Surrogacy and its processes. 

The Surrogate Motherhood services have legal authorization in Canada for Traditional Surrogacy (the Surrogate has a direct genetic connection to the child she carries) and for Gestational Surrogacy (the Surrogate has no genetic relation to the baby, and conception is carried out via IVF using genetic material of Intended parents). 

Despite the fact that Traditional Surrogacy is less expensive, it entails documentary red tape where Intended parents need to adopt the child that is born for them. 

Gestational Surrogacy is more common in Сanada clinic settings.  

As for monetary compensation for the Surrogate services, it is legally forbidden in Canada. The Intended parents can only recover the costs of expenses that have resulted from the Surrogacy. 

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine holds a leading position in Surrogacy Infertility Treatment with well-regulated legislation which protects both the Surrogate and the Intended parents.  

At a high formal level, only Gestational Surrogacy is allowed to undergo during infertility treatment. Since it is the most secure way to ensure results and regulate rights and obligations between the parties. 

Monetary reward for Surrogate is allowed together with the other expenses during the period of pregnancy (medication, household spending, nutrition, transportation). 

All the relations between the parties are registered in the Surrogacy Agreement which is also reinforced by state power.

Donation for Surrogacy

In case of severe infertility, the Intended parents can use the Donor genetic material for the Surrogacy process. 

In such a case, consultation with a qualified fertility lawyer is also preferable before the start of the Surrogacy process. It will help you to know more nuances about the process in a certain country. 

In Canada, Egg/Sperm Donation is legally approved, the same as Embryo Donation. Serious penalties are imposed if the compensation for it is provided or even proposed to a Donor. 

In Ukraine, Egg or Sperm Donation during Surrogacy is permitted, but at least one of the Intended parents must have a direct genetic connection to the baby, it ensures the highest closeness to the child and the continuation of the family. 

Donation in Ukraine is totally anonymous, and the donor genetic material comes through the multistage examination before being used in the treatment process. 

Monetary compensation for the Surrogate is possible and will not lead to additional penalties. 

Cost of Surrogacy

Price of Assisted Reproductive Technology services may vary from country to country. But it definitely can be overvalued especially if you have no clear picture about the situation on the market. 

Canada is known for its free medical assistance for Canadian residences which have health insurance. If you are a foreigner in this country, the price for Surrogacy will be really high. Surrogacy Packages prices vary from $60,000 – $90,000 excluding the price for pregnancy management.   

In Ukraine, private medical establishments propose an affordable price formation while maintaining the highest quality level. 

ADONIS Fertility International, for example, provides well-developed packages for Surrogacy treatment within the cost of $40,000 – $55,000 including all comfort conditions for the Surrogate and Intended parents. 

Whatever treatment direction you have chosen – Infertility treatment, Facial plastic surgery, etc. – be sure you are totally secure from all sides. 

Do not be on the promise of miracle surrogacy – check the facts and select the best!

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