TOP webinars on fertility treatment in ADONIS

With so many vital recordings and discussions done over the last year, ADONIS team wants to give everyone an opportunity to catch up. Here are some of our most popular webinars (bi-weekly Wednesday Hot Seat – December 8):

Behind the Scenes of Embryo Transport and COVID-19 Trends:


Candid discussions with some of the leaders of the biomaterial transport industry: First Egg Bank: Peter Hura, Director Courier Services Cryozoom: Sunil Gossai, Director, Cryozoom IVF Couriers LLP: Simon Hedley and Annare Bernet, Managing Directors, Ashling Mehan, USA Logistics.

Egg and Sperm Donors in Ukraine:


Making a decision about an egg/sperm donor is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Your choice will have a direct impact on your baby. ADONIS team’s goal is to provide you with the perfect donor for you.

Patient care. Accommodations & Logistics:


The main requested questions were put to ADONIS Logistics and Patient Care Manager – Darya Detsyura. Her role is to help you feel like at home for the whole period of your fertility journey in Ukraine.
Darya has wide international experience in the sphere of hospitality and is always ready to find the best solutions for patients.

Pregnancy Observation and Vaccinations for Surrogate Mothers in Ukraine:


Living with COVID in our world means that there are more questions than usual when it comes to prenatal care and assisted reproductive technology. No matter where you fall in the surrogacy process, the health and well-being of the surrogate and the baby are our top priorities.

The Ukrainian Surrogacy Exit Process: Establishing Parental Rights and Citizenship:


Adonis’ head attorney Oksana Lutsenko answers all your legal questions about the exit process.

Ukrainian Surrogacy: A Complete Profile of Your Surrogate Mother:


One of the first questions couples considering surrogacy ask is, “Who would carry the baby?” It is only natural to want to know all the relevant details about your surrogate mother – her age, what she is like, what health indicators and habits she has, etc.

Surrogacy Insurance. Options for IP’s:


Navigating your surrogate’s insurance options can be nerve-wracking as it involves her health and wellbeing. Once you have a clear understanding of your surrogate insurance costs, coverage, and benefits, you’ll be on your way to confidently plan the journey while eliminating surprises or hidden costs left to stun you.

Gender Selection, PGD, PGS in Surrogacy and IVF Programs:

Gender selection and specifics of pre-implantation genetic testing in surrogacy and IVF, vital lab specifications that one should be aware of when selecting embryology.

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