Why is Prenatal care important?

The question “Why Prenatal care is important” does not need to be negotiated. Period of pregnancy is so tender and special that it requires quality monitoring, especially if we are speaking about medical care. 

Prenatal care closes the needs and demands of pregnant women and her family to free up the time for enjoying the status and preparing for the new life to come. 

Prenatal care and gestational periods

The same as every patient needs to receive an individually adapted treatment plan, every gestational period needs to be followed up differently. 

Gestational period is calculated according to the last woman period. With the help of this knowledge, the specialist can monitor the development of the baby and prescribe further tests or consultations according to the calendar.

The period of pregnancy is equal to 40 weeks and is divided into the following trimesters:

  • First trimester

Lasts from the moment of conception to 12 weeks. 

During this time the central nervous system is formed, the heart is constantly beating, the brain is active, and all organs are developed. 

The primary screening test is recommended to be done exactly at the end of the first trimester. It includes a blood test for the mother and ultrasound for the baby to check on chromosome 18 (to exclude Edward syndrome) and chromosome 21 (to exclude Down syndrome). 

  • Second trimester

Lasts from 12 to 24 weeks. 

In this period of development, the fetus has already fully formed eyes, ears, lungs. A doctor can now distinguish the sex of the baby, since the genitals are developed. 

From the side of medical care the following procedures are carried out – Maternal Serum screening (especially if such was not carried out during the first trimester), Fetal morphology scan and ultrasound examination (to be sure in proper developing, to check the fetus position and possibility of the multiply pregnancies). Of course, gender determination of the baby is carried out with both parents present. 

  • Third trimester

Lasts from 24 to 40 weeks.

The baby tends to have more strong and coordinated moves inside the woman’s body. As the “get ready” to be born sign becomes the position of the baby with its head closer to the mother’s pelvis.  

From week 40 the birth can start at any time. 

This period is dedicated to the special care of the mother’s comfort. The baby becomes heavier, the movements are getting more and more difficult for the mother (the pressure on the back, vertebral column and legs reaches its peak). 

With the help of properly developed Prenatal care Programs as ADONIS International provides you receive the confidence. 

The confidence of being controlled by the qualitative professionals according to the period of your pregnancy and requests of your body and the baby developed inside. 

ADONIS provides several Prenatal care packages which include all needed procedures and even more care for the pregnant woman. 

Being one of the most innovative clinics, ADONIS also provides medical care for infertility with the help of Surrogacy with IVF and other technological methods. 

“We know your needs, we care about your procreation” – the slogan which characterizes ADONIS service.

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