FAQ from our webinar “Best Practices with Our Deputy Director Amy Lester”

Getting to the Heart of Fertility Journey

ADONIS webinars help to know more about the Infertility treatment processes and aspects. Professional specialists share their knowledge for patients’ best awareness.  

The special guest has been interviewed during “Getting to the Heart of Fertility Journey” webinar – one of the integral parts of ADONIS Fertility International in the USA, ADONIS Deputy Director Amy Lester. 

ADONIS clinics key points

ADONIS Fertility International is part of ADONIS Medical Group of Companies. It is located in the USA, to support the customers from North America and Canada, while all medical coordination, technological basis and medical team are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

ADONIS Medical Group is the largest private medical operation in Ukraine. We provide services for over 66 specialities on our own technological basis. 

Amy Lester has a great medical background, and there are a lot of questions we want to know about the experience she has. 

“Amy, how long have you been in Fertility? What is your journey?”

“I am a newcomer in the Fertility world. I’ve been in Fertility for about the last year. And the main thing that stands out to me – is the courage of our clients. I work with a lot of people, we have passed through different times and a lot of tough things, but the Fertility journey is absolutely incredible. And the clients which are looking for IVF or Surrogacy overseas – they are those people who have courage and keep trying towards their dream of having a baby come true. It inspires me, especially when the family approves the start of the Infertility treatment.”

“I love it. Thank you for bringing to us such an aspect. 

I know that the treatment process is really complex, and emotions are so high. It’s not just a job – you can not be not involved. Right?”

“Absolutely. When you are dealing with Surrogates, pregnancies and babies coming into the world – you are always involved, you are in touch 24/7. We also want to be responsive, when the treatment process is on and patients need our help. Of course, it is stressful, because there can be a distance between the Intended parents and the Surrogate in Ukraine. I have a strong support system, especially from the side of my close people. Infertility treatment is an incredible journey which is possible thanks to the whole ADONIS team.”

“Thank you for sharing. 

I know you have brought a lot of improvements and processes that are helpful across the board, even for such a little time. What are the main checkpoints in Infertility treatment? For the awareness of our patients.”

“I think that one of the most important checkpoints is to ask a lot of questions, including hard ones. Make your best efforts. And there are a lot of examples, when families just have no idea how the Infertility process is going on, it can lead to additional expenses or problems. When you are interviewing a clinic – ask all ranges of questions, please.”

“Right, because we don’t know what a decision-making path will be in the future. Make sure that your any decision in the treatment process will be protected by the clinic – get to know the policy.”

“Yes, definitely. And also for me, as the person who works with the Intended parents, it’s really important to have the drive and keep it for the whole treatment duration. We are fighting for each case and for each family with the big parenting dream.”

“I heard about two best practices that you shared – support system and asking tough questions ahead of time. ”

Yes, absolutely!

“Let’s talk about bio transport. What are best practices there?”

“First, nowadays, make sure that you had your infectious disease testing around the same time as your embryo creation. It can delay your Infertility Program if you have invalid testing results. 

Of course, you need to ask the questions of who is going to do your bio transport. In accordance with ADONIS cryo technology, we have the highest treatment success. Make sure that there is a special metal box with a medical courier that travels from point to point, it’s a live person which is responsible for your biomaterial during this time. Ensure all precautions to receive your biomaterial of the highest quality.”

“All right, triple checking is perfect. Okay, what are the main steps for the families at the very start of Infertility treatment?”

“I encourage people to interview a number of Agencies and Programs – this is a really important relationship. It will show what really fits you. 

Second one, it is crucial to work with medical institutions and specialists who have a Program plan. 

ADONIS Programs are very detailed, each phase comes with an individually adapted treatment plan which ensures safety. We can develop and adjust the services according to the examination results, case history, requests and wishes.”

“Okay, that’s wonderful. I want to also talk about the exit process and parenting rights establishment, especially for those who are thinking about where to go through the Infertility treatment – abroad or in their own country. What are the main aspects?”

“For certain countries obviously, it’s going to be different from others. But even here in America, some Surrogacy requirements change from state to state, county to county. So really make sure of the legal establishment of the country you live in or in which you want to experience the Infertility treatment. A good question to ask is when you are considered the parents – is it from the moment of conception or is it from the moment of birth? 

Such things can be very, very different. Some people just make assumptions in those cases when they need to be strong.”

“Talk to us about the Surrogate selection. What are the main phases?”

“One thing that is important to add is that in the whole world there tends to be a long waiting list for the Surrogate, specifically in America. But ADONIS has made that priority to really shorten up that time. So even from the time when the family says YES, we’re already letting Kyiv know that we’re going to need a Surrogate, initially we start the planning process. 

First phase includes legal paperwork and biomaterial receiving. It can take from 11 days to 1 month, which is really quick. It can be possible thanks to the great team of ADONIS. 

Then the matching phase begins – we take into account families’ must-have for a Surrogate. 

Every candidate for the Surrogate we provide in ADONIS is completely clear – medically, psychologically, background. We work really hard to get our clients matched within 2-4 weeks and get your Surrogacy Program started.

Then it is an Embryo creation phase (if needed), Stimulation, Pregnancy confirmation and observation and then Delivery, of course.”

“Phenomenal, thank you so much. What is important to know about the IVF process? 

“From the very beginning we encourage the family to go through hormonal testing, ultrasounds, some other testing in the ADONIS clinic – we make sure that their health is of the best fit for the successful IVF Program. According to this information, we design the whole Program specifically for the family, including the timeline.”

“Absolutely. To conclude, what would you like to say to our patients or to those people who are just thinking about the Infertility treatment?”

“I like to hear stories, I would encourage them and say that journeys can be very different and with different experiences. Also, it is really helpful to connect with the people that have already had such a treatment to learn something.”

“Great. What are some of your wishes? In this holiday season?”

“Being in this world has really impacted me. I wish we could have 100% success for all of our customers. And it’s really important to surround yourself with a team which wants the same success for everyone.”

Full recording of the webinar you can always watch on our YouTube chanel:

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