ADONIS experienced embryologists

The pregnancy and baby birth is a miracle, you have a real opportunity to create this miracle with the help of ADONIS embryologists. The new technologies are the best assistance in making a new life.

ADONIS Fertility provides the full range of programs that will help you to become a parent. The best embryologist care is always at your service.

A considerable experience of embryological practice has given the huge expertise and proficiency to ADONIS professionals, as demonstrated by high pregnancy rates. A whole range of many different specialists work for your well being and future happiness.

ADONIS experienced embryologists staff is composed of consummate professionals: leading experts and the highest qualification category specialists. The initial phase of embryo development is under full control and protection of the staff.  Individually adapted IVF plan, together with diagnostic and analysis, is developed based on patients’ needs and demands. The full confidence and certainty – is the basis of ADONIS embryologists.

Embryology as the study of the early development of organisms, is a very complex and demanding one. IVF and other procedures of treating infertility require the newest expensive equipment, the utmost degree of professionalism of fertility doctors and embryologists. Only a solid team of specialists and perfectly-staffed hospital may eventually lead you to the desired result. Undoubtedly, ADONIS staff and its equipment is the right one.

The ADONIS range of embryologists is precisely selected. Take the first step toward your parenthood dream – look through our choice of specialists!

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    Take care of your health today

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