How to start the IVF program?

You’ve decided to undergo the IVF treatment in Ukraine, studied the success rates of all Ukrainian clinics and chose the one you want to start your fertility journey with.


What’s next?

A step-by-step process:

1. Firstly, you leave a request for the IVF program you need on the clinic’s website or just in the Facebook messenger.

2. Within 24 hours, our coordinator will contact you, clarify some details and ask you to send her all the documents you received after your medical examinations.

3. We send your documents to our fertility specialist.

4. The doctor examines your documents and either confirms the recommendations of the program that you were given earlier, or offers a solution at his discretion.

5. We send you a list of examinations before the start of the IVF program. You either undergo all examinations at some clinic in your country, or you can undergo all examinations within our medical center.

6. Next, we plan your journey to Ukraine according to the menstrual cycle.

7. You arrive, have a general consultation with your fertility doctor, sign an agreement with the clinic, and you’re given stimulation medicines. 8. You take medicines for the period indicated by the doctor (usually it takes 10 days).

8. We invite you to the Egg Retrieval procedure. If you’re using your partner’s semen, a semen sample needs to be provided at the clinic the morning of egg retrieval.

9. Then our embryo lab makes ICSI and your embryos are growing within 5 days.

10. After 5 days, when the embryo is ready for an implantation, we make an embryo transfer. Before the procedure you might be given a mild sedative. The procedure is usually painless, although you might experience mild cramping.

After this stage, you can return home and be calm but expect pregnancy. If successful, an embryo will implant in the lining of your uterus about six to 10 days after egg retrieval. Other embryos that you’ve created can be frozen and stored at the clinic (storage of embryos at ADONIS clinic costs $150 per year).

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