Importance of Prenatal Care: What are the main checkpoints?

Pregnancy tends to be the most thrilling time when you are preparing for the new little person in your life. So it requires a special attention to details in care and mother health.

Prenatal care services will be a proper selection for families which want to be confident that the baby growth is under professional control of the specialists. 

Prenatal care importance

Prenatal care serves as an essential part of health protection of the pregnant woman and the baby. Specialists determine all ranges of Prenatal care services as preventive health care, they help to educate the newly made mothers about proper behavior during pregnancy, warning signs or preventive actions during the baby care and birth. 

Professional medical approaches provide not only health care support but also social, emotional, and psychological ones. 

The main tests undergone during Prenatal care Program to be totally sure in your baby health:

  • HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B testing
  • Thalassemia and Sickle cell Anemia testing
  • Protein and Glucose level in urine
  • Fetal anomalies screening (to exclude Down’s, Edwards’ and Patau’s syndromes)
  • Ultrasound examination (to exclude fetal anomalies and to identify the placenta location)
  • The uterine floor standing high measurement 

You need to trust the doctor you have chosen, because it is not only about safety, but also about tranquility and comfort. ADONIS provides acquaintance consultation with doctors for further selection. IVF Fertility Programs or Prenatal care one – you are ensured to have the highest quality approach. 

Postnatal care essence

Postnatal Programs are developed to help the families with possible difficulties that come with baby birth. The first month after delivery is full of challenges for newly made parents, so professional follow up will make this period easier and more understandable. 

The following services can be your magic wand in after delivery period:

  • Essential care aspects for the child (breastfeeding, first solid feeding)
  • Child proper development and constant professional control
  • Self-care after delivery essentials for mother (pelvic floor exercises, dietary etc.)
  • Professional attention to the postpartum mental health of the mother

By the way, ADONIS provides these services in terms of its own Mothers school during the Prenatal care Program. 

Preparation for the pregnancy

If you and your partner made a decision to have a baby, the first essential part is to undergo a full examination set for fertility. 

The proper preparation for the pregnancy ensures its comfort and safe course. 

ADONIS works in the area of Fertility for more than 23 years, so we always welcome pairs for health monitoring, pregnancy follow up and delivery. 

In case you have some fertility issues, we provide a wide range of medical solutions as IVF Programs or Surrogacy Programs. 

Importance of Prenatal care during pregnancy can’t be underestimated, especially if you had some issues with conceiving or fertility health before. The responsibility for the new life is on you, so make every effort to reach the best health for the baby. 

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