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  1. My experience with ADONIS was great. It was very helpful to have Iryna help as my coordinator for appointments and any help with translation. I was lucky to find a nice hotel hostel near the clinic (walking distance) in the old town. The drive to the woman’s hospital was fine but a bit far away… –Kyiv is big! (vs. Lviv…) . And thank you for taking me as a patient on short notice.

    It was good to have a thorough medical examination and LOTS of blood work (which I hope will not have to be repeated if I come again for a second dose of umbilical stem cells).
    The doctors were all professional, educated, and informative.
    I hope to see an improvement in my ovarian function in 1-3 months (e.g a return of my menses….) due to peri-menopause.
    I would not repeat the injections for the hands/face/decollage as they were a bit painful even with the numbing cream, and perhaps an IV infusion is better…..?
    I have not seen an improvement yet….but I hope to….
    I would come again for an IV infusion if the cost is not to high…..
    Overall a great experience, very professional. The other clinics I contacted in US were more geared towards knee issues and the doctors were not trained ob/gyn’s, despite their stated lower cost…..

    Getting thru airport customs is always challenging but as this was my 2nd time in the Ukraine – not to bad…..

  2. Всё прошло замечательно! Все врачи очень внимательные, аппараты новые и хорошего качества. Результаты анализов были получены вовремя и будущая видео консультация удобно назначена. Даже процедура ВГДС была проведена быстро и с по возможности как можно менее неприятными ощущениями

  3. Все время пребывания в клинике было окружено заботой и вниманием чувствовалось профессиональность врача и персонала и это вызывает большее доверие. Палата мне понравилась соответствует уровню клиники

  4. In my opinion clinic is really good! Dana and doctors are of great support in my decisions with clear explanation and a lot of patience with my doubts

  5. We are very happy with Adonis. Everything was very well organized, our coordinator Irina was great with scheduling and basically taking care of everything, we just had to show up. It is immensely helpful having her translate as well. We also tried in other countries and this was the best experience. Everybody is very professional and friendly. It worked the first time and we are incredibly happy and thankful! We can highly recommend this clinic to everyone who needs help to have their wish for a baby fulfilled.

  6. The overall service at clinic ADONIS is perfect, all the personnel has sense of customer service and adequate treatment of the patients
    I’m now asking about the price for IVF

  7. I would highly recommend Adonis Fertility International to everyone!!! Amazing and understanding coordinators in US and Ukraine that are there 24/7 to answer any questions. Adonis patient care group arranged and planed our trip to Kiev Ukraine ( from arranging transportation to help us pick the hotel) it was perfect. Caring and knowledgeable doctors that truly care about our success

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