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  1. I would like to express my gratitude to the head of the surgical department Pavlenko Taras. If you come to Taras Olegovych, you can sleep well, he will do everything perfectly, you rarely meet such an open and kind person, a specialist of such qualification! I am very glad that I was operated on here and with the best specialists. Thank you, wonderful doctor, for your hard work. I wish you strength and patience, May the years only go with happiness!

  2. “I would like to express my deep gratitude to the surgeon Pavlenko Taras and his team. The diagnosis was acute appendicitis. After 2 days, I felt like I never had any disease. After discharge, I was in touch with doctor every day and he was interested in my health. I am infinitely grateful. I will recommend to friends if they need help. And the clinic is also worthy of trust.

  3. My husband and I were trying to have a child for 4 years, with no success. So we got advice to visit Dr Svitlana Shyianova. She was attentive to us during the first consultation, then suggested the sequence of actions we were going to do (medical examination and tests for me and my husband). After that, we did an IVF program and it was successful, now I am at the maternity hospital ADONIS waiting for my baby delivery, which is going to be soon. I am happy to find this doctor.

  4. Very good experience with doctor Hryshai, I can only recommend.
    The result is perfect, very good support.
    A great team at your service, everything is planned for your comfort and the smooth running of your stay.

  5. Since childhood, I was not happy with my nose, because it was a pronounced Armenian nose. Complicated about this. And therefore, when I was ready mentally and in age, I chose the Adonis clinic to do rhinoplasty. From the very first day, from the first consultation, I was imbued with confidence in this doctor – a tactful, attentive and courteous person, and it is immediately clear that you have a high-class specialist in front of you. Of course, I was afraid and worried, especially on the day of the operation and not so much for the operation itself as for the outcome, but the result exceeded my expectations. My whole life took on a different shade, more optimistic. “Has changed, has become prettier” – acquaintances, friends, relatives said. I gained confidence in myself and now harmony reigns around and inside! I am infinitely grateful to the doctor and everyone who participated in my transformation. And there are no words that could express it !!! Thanks

  6. Surrogacy is such a vulnerable subject. When I came into the process, I felt so low of myself. My self-image just plummeted. My husband and I already have spent crazy amount of money on IVF and nothing was working. We did not know how much further can we go.I was lucky one of my friends told us about Adonis Fertility. I am so grateful to have found them. They delivered on every promise, managed every little detail for us, and we did not have to get a second mort-gage to reach our dream.

  7. I have been struggling about infertility and the absence of the possibility to not having baby for many year, and when I got 40 I though “I will never be a mother”… Apparently I came across the article about the surrogacy and it hooked my attention. I looked over many surrogacy clinics here in the USA but the prices was so extremelly high that I lost the hope to perform this procedure. But when I figure out the ADONIS clinic I felt that this is my chance. Clinic in European side of the world, with affordable price good modern equipment and really professional doctors. Especially many thanks to the Dr. Oksana Katraha.

  8. Everything would have been done perfectly just the way I wanted. No complications. I am very happy with the result. Special thanks to the clinic staff for their sensitive attitude. And of course – to Mykola Kuznetsov, a master of his craft.

  9. My pregnancy was complicated, but I was in good hands of the doctors of the ADONIS group of hospitals, and now I am a happy mom with a sweet baby. Thank you a great deal to the ADONIS team for such attentive, professional, and carrying doctors

  10. My husband and I were trying to have a baby for 7 years, we have visited a huge amount of doctors and did “tones” of different tests and investigations by the time we realized that cant have a baby. So, we have chosen ADONIS to help us make our dream true and get a baby, we used the surrogacy and now we are happy parents of our son.

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