How does Surrogacy work? Process step by step 

The process of Surrogacy is a real miracle. Surrogacy is about a shred of happiness for Intended parents that becomes possible with the help of modern medical technologies and a woman who is ready to devote herself for the benefit of others. 

The question “How does Surrogacy work?” remains unexplored for many people until today. 

Let’s open the curtain wider to know more about the process that has already made millions of people incredibly happy. 

Surrogacy terms

Gestational Surrogacy is a kind of Assisted Reproductive Technologies that involves 3 party in process: 

  • genetic father who provides sperm for fertilization “in vitro”
  • genetic mother who provides eggs for fertilization “in vitro”
  • surrogate mother in whose uterine cavity the embryo is transferred and who endures and give a birth to a child

In case of severe infertility in one of the couple, the usage of donor genetic material is possible to conduct the treatment. Moreover, the legislation of some countries does not exclude the usage of both sperm and eggs donors for Surrogacy in one case. 

The method of Surrogacy treatment, in most cases, is prescribed in the following conditions:

  • pregnancy and childbirth are highly undesirable for the health of mother
  • pregnancy and childbirth are medically impossible for woman 
  • risks that follows pregnancy are too dangerous for future mother and child
  • same-sex couple which want to have a baby (genetically related or not)

Please, pay your attention to Ukrainian legislation which regulates Surrogacy treatment, the procedure is approved for heterosexual and married couples only. 

Please, pay special attention that every case is unique and special. Before being involved into any treatment process – have a consultation with your professional doctor to create an individual treatment plan and have the best results.

Surrogacy step by step

Surrogate selection 

Surrogate is a woman who will carry your child for 9 months. 

The process of Surrogate selection needs to be carried out with all responsibility. 

ADONIS International, for example, has its own Surrogate database with only perfectly healthy candidates who undergo a full screening according to all worldwide norms and standards. 

The matching process in ADONIS includes several steps where woman is chosen according the following requirements:

  • Health condition (absence of chronic diseases, diseases of reproductive system, psychological state, etc.)
  • Previous pregnancy history (absence of miscarriage, с-section, premature birth)
  • Genetic predisposition (absence of cardiovascular diseases, early death, etc.)
  • Marital status (partner’s consent to participation)
  • Age factor (when reproduction functions at a peak)

The matching process with the Surrogate may take time, but the main fact remains stable – there are no waiting lists and years lines, you can start immediately. 

“In vitro” conceiving 

Fertilization during the Surrogacy Program is carried out in sterile conditions of embryo laboratories. 

In all cases the IVF (in vitro fertilization) is used to create the embryo for consequent transfer into the uterine cavity of the Surrogate. 

IVF – is the kind of Assisted Reproductive Technologies which can be used both as a part of complex Surrogacy process and alone. The fertilization process occurs under the glass of the test tube. 

In special cases, the ICSI method is used during IVF. With the help of a professional microneedle the sperm cells (of partner or donor) are directly injected into the egg (of woman or donor). Such an approach greatly increases the chances for fertilization (especially for families where the partner has low sperm activity).

ADONIS IVF Department is a trend mark on the market with services suitable for every case.  

Сhildbearing and delivery

The Surrogate carries a child and gives birth to the baby with his/her further transfer to the Intended parents. 

In Ukraine, the Intended parents are identified as the parents of the baby from the moment of conceiving, so the Surrogate has no single right to a baby. 

The Agreement between the sides will help to outline all rights and duties for the Intended parents and for the Surrogate. 

Usually, the Intended parents assume all material responsibility for the Surrogate during the period of pregnancy – costs for medical support, diet, clothing, accommodation, transportation, etc. 

Every case is unique, and the sides come together to the convenient solution. 

Delivery is fully covered by the Intended parents. In ADONIS ‘own Maternity Houses you can make individual adaptations for the delivery process according to your wishes and comfort requirements. 

Registration and documentation 

Ukrainian legislation facilitates the registration process for Intended parents and babies born with the help of Surrogacy. Birth certificates are issued shortly after delivery, where the names of the Intended parents are already inscribed.

ADONIS ‘own Legal team, for example, will help you with documentation and its collection even if you are already discharged from the clinic.

Don’t be afraid of the Surrogacy process – it’s a modern way of overcoming infertility which can be accessible for everyone!

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