Medical Center ADONIS provides the modern Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) method in vitro fertilization for couples with appropriate medical indications. One of them is IVF with ICSI.


WHY Choose IVF with ICSI?

If male factor infertility is a concern,  IVF with ICSI can be the perfect solution. Using ICSI effectively eliminates male infertility by inserting sperm cells directly into the egg. Sperm count, motility, and morphology all play vital roles in male fertility and are crucial to sperm successfully meeting and penetrating the egg during natural conception. With ICSI, there’s no hoping a few powerful, healthy sperm make the perilous journey from the man’s epididymis through the vagina, cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes to eventually find the egg; it’s guaranteed. ICSI can also be a great solution to an irreversible vasectomy or for men suffering from paralysis.

Does IVF with ICSI Guarantee Fertilization?

Some people wrongly assume that IVF with  ICSI guarantees fertilization. While ICSI greatly improves the likelihood of fertilization, it does not guarantee it. The ICSI procedure fertilizes 50 to 80 percent of eggs, but results vary depending on maternal age, egg quality, and sperm quality.

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    ADONIS IVF with ICSI procedure

    The route towards happy parenting may be different – but it doesn’t mean you need to give up. Your individual experience tells the main thing – every family deserves to have a healthy baby. 

    ADONIS Fertility International provides an upscale treatment process for different stages of infertility, even severe ones. We have a great variety of options that have already helped many people from the whole world. 

    ICSI with IVF is one of the most demanded procedures which increase your chances to conceive and make your likelihood for successful pregnancy even higher. 

    IVF and ICSI treatment concept

    Before the start of every Fertility Program patients come through the examination process to ensure the diagnosis establishment accuracy. Whereas an individual consultation with experienced specialists provides your total awareness and confidence in the treatment processes. 

    IVF procedure implies “in vitro” fertilization beyond the woman’s organism and reproductive system. ADONIS IVF procedure is carried out under the latest laboratory conditions of ADONIS clinics which include certificated equipment, the newest boxes and microscopes. 

    ICSI procedure involves a direct injection of sperm into an egg. The whole variety of actions is carried out with the help of a microscope with a micromanipulator and other micro-surgical instruments of a specific profile to provide the highest accuracy and efficiency. 

    IVF coupled with ICSI procedure increase the efficiency of infertility treatment. They are used in a tandem to overcome oligospermia, azoospermia, teratospermia, semen acrosome absence, and other various disorders of male fertility. 

    The ICSI technique fertilizes on average 50-80% of the injected eggs, whereas conventional IVF fertilizes around 50% of eggs.

    Please, pay special attention, that every Fertility Program (IVF with ICSI, in particular) needs to be indicated by your attending medical doctor. 

    ADONIS provides qualitative medical examination with further individual  treatment plan development that ensure additional safety for your family and procreation. 

    ICSI and IVF process

    ADONIS skilled staff conducts the whole range of infertility treatments in the newest medical facilities using special equipment. 

    IVF and ICSI treatment is carried out by embryologists of the highest qualification. Under total control, they cultivate embryos for 3-5 days in ADONIS ‘own embryo laboratory. Embryos of the best quality are transferred into the uterine cavity of a woman in accordance with special indication about the right time and period for implantation.  

    All of these actions create the best environment for your successful treatment. 

    In addition to a well-developed system of ICSI and IVF treatment, ADONIS provides the services of its own Neonatology Department. With its help we ensure safety of newborns in case of emergency or premature birth. 

    In addition, ADONIS latest technologies of PGD/PGS testing will help to identify any anomaly or problem in embryo development. The special targeted diagnosis provides the opportunity to choose the best quality embryos for transplantation, because we value your safety and the safety of your future baby. 

    ADONIS PGD/PGS testing includes different options:

    • the NGS method (the complete set of chromosomes checking) 
    • the FISH method (particular chromosome(s) testing)

    The main differentiation is in biopsies type and quantity of chromosomes checking. 

    We can provide NGS or FISH methods for your embryo examination. These methods are carried out in different laboratories – molecular and cellular, so 2 biopsies can nor be conducted in one embryo. The type of embryo checking is selected by a specialist.  

    ADONIS comprehensive service

    Each ADONIS clinic is an independent unit with a full-cycle treatment process. We surround you with care and support from the very start of medical processes (examination and treatment induction) to recovery lead up.

    ADONIS has its own laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 

    It is full of certificated machinery and the newest approved equipment. Proper current diagnosis helps ADONIS specialists to develop an individual treatment plan according to the health condition, diagnosis results, requests and specified demands. 

    That is, our own laboratory is an essential part for successful results. 

    ADONIS IVF and ICSI Program includes the following services – progesterone blood test, Human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-hCG) blood test, ultrasound diagnostic, blood sampling, and this is far from a complete list. 

    ADONIS IVF with ICSI cost 

    Any problem with the reproductive system can be unexpected and challenging. It requires a comprehensive approach and the newest technologies to reach success, that’s why the cost of IVF with ICSI can be overvalued in most Fertility clinics. 

    We understand how important and valuable infertility treatment can be for some families. ADONIS price formation is used to be the most affordable one in the medical market. We provide the highest quality while maintaining good cost on our Programs. 

    IVF with ICSI Programs prices start from 5 678$ to 8 357$ depending on your personal case and requests. On your professional consultation ADONIS specialist will give you full information and will prescribe the proper treatment and Program. 

    Come to ADONIS – experience your best infertility treatment and service care. 

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