10 myths about in vitro fertilization (IVF)

10 myths about in vitro fertilization

1.The children that are born with the help of assisted reproductive techniques “are different”

These children have no difference from the child born naturally! The IVF procedure is performed for more than 40 years now and has birth to more than 8 million children. This helps to look at even the most remote consequences of the method.

2. The IVF procedure increases the risk of the development of the oncological diseases of the woman

Nowadays many scientific releases performed regarding this topic, and no data is supporting the above statement.

3. The IVF procedure is “bringing the menopause closer” as the eggs are taken

During the IVF procedure, we do the stimulation of the superovulation. During the normal cycle, there is one dominant follicle growing on, and it gives the eggs, all others during this cycle are dying. In the case of IVF, we do the growth stimulation of that follicle that might die in this cycle. That is why the follicular supple do not become smaller after the procedure.

4. Because of the hormonal drugs I might get on weight

The drugs that are used for IVF do not change the metabolism, besides for the patients with an extra weight might have a therapy to normalize it.

5. After IVF pregnancy will be multiple

Nowadays many clinics deny the transmission of the many emotions, in case there are no indications to do so. But if one transmitted embryo will be decided to divide it will be made by nature hands.

6. During the IVF procedure you can choose the sex of the future child

 It is forbidden. Sex selection is forbidden all over the world.

7. The baby delivery after IVF is always by the Cesarian section

IVF might be an indication of the operation. But it is not always, the baby delivery might going on by the situation.

8. The pregnancy monitoring after the IVF needs to be special.

Not exactly. Yes, usually the special hormonal support is required up to the 7-8 weeks, but after this, it is like a natural pregnancy.

9. After the transmission strict bed rest is required up to the first ultrasound

Of course, not, you continue your usual life.

10. Before the IVF it is required the uterine tubes to be removed

No, it needs to be done only in case if there are indications for that.

Edited by

Olha Tarasenko
Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Fertility Specialist

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