Choosing an egg/sperm donor is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make!


We at ADONIS understand that when thinking about surrogacy program, questions about egg and sperm donors often comes up. That’s why we would like to describe for you the process of how we are selecting donors and answer some of the common questions we usually receive from our clients.

Making a decision about an egg/sperm donor is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Your choice will have a direct impact on your baby. The goal of ADONIS team is to provide you with the perfect donor for you. And we will help you with all additional questions about surrogacy.

Below you can find some common questions from our clients, and we sure that the answers will be informative for you to read.

What questions should be asked before choosing a donor?

There are several important categories that you need to look thought:

1. Medical characteristics (blood type etc.) all of the other medical factors

2. The phenotype (How do you want the donor to look like? What features do you want them to have? What is important to you? Etc)

3. Some of the psychological matchings as well

4. Time for your program (When do you want to start it? How soon would you like to have a donor to be available to you?)

Out of these categories, what would be some questions that maybe patients are not asking and it would be good if they would have asked?

 Some of the things that patients sometimes are need to pay attention to: 

1. The features, the appearance of the donor. Sometimes the patients are bringing the suggestions of some movie stars they want their children to look like. At the same moment, they omit information about how do the parents look themselves because that needs to be a very good balance. 

2. The health of the family of the donors. What diseases did their parents have (any genetic diseases or any heart diseases)? At ADONIS our donors go through many testing and evaluation and all of this information about the relatives are being obtained before donor even is allowed to program, but Elena says that in many agencies this information is not available. So it is up to you to ask those important questions.

3. And another thing that intended parents should be looked into is the psychological compatibility between the donor and your family. It is something you should be thinking about, because if you have a type that is opposite to your or your husband or what psychological type do you want to see in your child then this compatibility could cause some issues in the future. Like in a family of choleric you might not be very comfortable with the donor who is phlegmatic. 

Parents often asked about the education factors, how can this be explained?

Speaking about education, one of those questions is definitely what parents are asking. 

At ADONIS at our database of course majority of our donors, they have higher education. An equivalent of a university or college degree. But donors even may have a Ph.D. Some donors will have a technical degree, looking to the international system it is probably close to the associate degree. Like community college type degree. Some donors don’t have that degree, but what we need to understand that in Ukraine the education often is very expensive and just a fact that donor does not have any education does not mean that that person is not smart. This person just probably might have some financial barriers and was not able to obtain an education. Another thing that is important that there is a difference between having an education and being intelligent. And so this is something we need to look into. 

How does the intelligent factor is evaluated?

When it comes to evaluating the intellectual abilities of the donor there is a very comprehensive process involved, so there are many sets or questionnaire that the donor needs to fill in, to evaluate the skills, the intellectual abilities including the creativity, technical skills and just intellect and also it has an intensive interview process where Elena herself is interviewing every participant and there is definitely when you could see how the person is talking, what kind of language they are using, how to advance the thinking is, and so many other factors and criteria. Not every person that applying to be a donor is becoming a donor. It is a very intensive process and maybe this person does not make it. 

At ADONIS we understand how important the quality of the donor is to the future parents. 

From our side, we do everything possible to choose the best donors for you, because we understand how important it is.

The majority of the clients that ADONIS served are international. That’s why ADONIS requires very precise parameters to choose the donor. 

Contact our managers and they will help you to find the answers to any additional questions you may have. Make your dream of having a baby true with ADONIS team!

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