Common questions about surrogate mother selection to the Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Fertility Specialist in ADONIS Oksana Katraha

 1.How does the selection of surrogate mother is performed?

Based on the legislation in Ukraine. All surrogate mothers need to have at least one child. From the uncomplicated pregnancy. Then the surrogate mother comes to the ADONIS for the interview, to see how she is like, how she looks like how she is carrying her body (the kind of human aspect), and what does she know about surrogacy, how does she thinks about surrogacy, etc. She is meeting with our psychologist (for the evaluation of her psychological out long for emotional state)

She needs to bring all of the supporting documents that outlined that what she is sharing is the truth. One of the vital documents she has to bring that information about the birth of her first child from the medical institution, registration of child, etc., if the surrogate mother is married she has to also present written permission from her husband that he is agreed about her participation.

The next step is the medical evaluation. Because there is a very comprehensive list by the legislation of the Ukraine of all of the medical evaluation that the surrogate mother needs to go through also, ADONIS has that goes above the legislation requirements.

The age that doctors at ADONIS considering the best for the surrogate mother is between 20 up to 34 years. And it much narrower than decided by the legislation.

Next is the ultrasound diagnostics of the pelvic area of the future surrogate mother, and questions about the menstrual cycle, it should be regular it is vital.

Some of the other questions that are being asked are that have there been any complications during the first pregnancy/es. And has she participated in the other surrogate programs before?

After she passes all that ultrasound evaluation she goes through all other complex tests that are required (blood tests, hormonal evaluation, TORCH infections etc.), once all of that has been confirmed then the last she needs to pass evaluation of the family doctor. To evaluate the general health condition and that all other organs and systems are healthy. Once all of this information is being put together, then the decision is being made.

2. What is very special for the ADONIS to take the final decision?

The final decision about the participation of the surrogate mother is being taken by a Concilium of doctors. So it is not just one doctor making a decision.

3. What is the max number of surrogacy cycles that are acceptable for one surrogate?

How many times she can deliver? In this case, the doctor is paying attention to the general condition of the woman, as after every delivery the muscle tone is different etc. And if the woman has two cesarian sections then she can’t be a surrogate.

4. How many attempts can surrogate mother have?

Perhaps during the program, the first attempt was not successful, then there is a second embryo transfer, after the second one doctors doing a lot of additional diagnostics to understand what is the reason for the unsuccessful attempt. Problem with surrogate mother or smth with an embryo.

First, they look at the embryo: whether they are created from the donor eggs or from the attendant mother oocytes. If it is the donor’s oocyte that is in perfect condition. The doctor will look at the surrogate mother and the additional test: hysteroscopy will be performed to evaluate the condition of the endometrium. The health of the endometrium is important for embryo implantation.

If there is a problem with the surrogate then she will not continue taking the part in the surrogacy program.

5. How often does there is a necessity to change the surrogate mother?

It happens very rarely. Because before the start of the program we check the health of the surrogate mother very well, so she can be just not chosen for the program because of some health problems (then she got a recommendation to visit another specialist to take care of her health).

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