Multiple pregnancies and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

There is a common mind that after using the ART, multiple pregnancies usually appear.

Let’s dig deeper and figure out whether it is true in practice.

Earlier, it was like this, after IVF multiple pregnancies often occurred, which was connected with the wish to increase the efficacy of the program. It is known that the embryos in the uterine cavity can help the implantation and development of each other. And very often, couples who were dreaming for a long time about the children seeking the quickest result, that do not take into mind the further pregnancy flow and possible results of it. But having multiple pregnancies is often associated with obstetricians and neonatal complications: miscarriages, preeclampsia, growth retardation syndrome, development of one or two fetuses. Premature birth etc.

Nowadays with the development of ART, it becomes possible to perform the selective transfer of one embryo. And this is the point that reproductology doctors all over the world want to achieve.

Anyway, there are some groups of patients to whom it is recommended, by different guidelines, to transfer more than one embryo. And these situations are the ones when transferring more than one embryo may increase the relativity of the program.

Also, there are conditions when after transferring one embryo on the ultrasound found two embryos, then this is made by nature.

And, of course in case if the couple insists on the transfer of more than one embryo having heard all the information beforehand about the possible risks of multiple pregnancies, then this transfer will be done if there are no direct contraindications for that.

Edited by

Olha Tarasenko
Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Fertility Specialist

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