Sperm donation is the part of the Medical Center ADONIS Donation Programs that ensures many women can get the desired pregnancy and a healthy child.

Coordinators of the International Department will organize everything for all visits, including pick-up from the airport and the rental of a hotel room/apartment. Medical Center staff will accompany patients to ensure a pleasant journey and successful treatment.


green flower is the logo IVF Stages

The preparatory stage before IVF

1 stage: Stimulation of ovulation.

2 stage: Puncture and fertilization.

3 stage: Cultivation and transfer of embryos.

4 stage: Maintenance of luteal phase for HCG result.

5 stage: Ultrasound confirmation of fetal heartbeat.

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    IVF+ICSI with Donor sperm

    Infertility is the widespread problem which prevents natural conceiving. But there is no reason to give up trying, especially with IVF with Sperm Donor Programs from ADONIS Fertility International. 

    Families from the whole world experiencing ADONIS qualitative treatment and share their successful results. We ensure comprehensive approach, safety standards, the latest equipment basis and diagnosed donor material – all in one place with no need to rash. Your treatment process in the most comfortable atmosphere will give satisfaction. 

    IVF and ICSI treatment Programs 

    IVF procedure (“in vitro” fertilization) is a technology that helps to overcome fertility problems using the latest laboratory equipment. 

    The process includes egg extraction from a woman’s body and sperm from a man’s body. The fertilization itself is carried out under the laboratory conditions “in a test tube” or rather, in a Petri dish with a special medium. 

    To increase the chances of the family to conceive the ICSI technology is used along with IVF. 

    ICSI procedure (intracytoplasmic injection of sperm into the oocyte) implies the introduction of the one spermatozoon directly into the cytoplasm of the egg using a special microscope with micromanipulators. 

    IVF+ICSI with Donor Sperm 

    Different infertility cases require complex and individual approaches – infertility of the one partner is the most common.

    There is a safe and proven way out from it – biological material Donation using the developed selection system in ADONIS clinics. 

    IVF with Egg/Sperm donor will help to reach the long-awaited pregnancy because of proven biological material you use from ADONIS own Donor base. 

    Process of IVF+ICSI with Donor Sperm is almost the same as the traditional IVF+ICSI treatment. The only differentiation is in thorough selection of the donor according to patients’ requests (appearance, health conditions, genetics, etc.). The treatment stages and the medication protocol are still relevant for the woman as if she needs to undergo a traditional infertility treatment process. 

    ADONIS Donors examination practice

    The process of Donor selection to ADONIS ‘own Donor base consists of several stages and involves a comprehensive technological basis for diagnosis. 

    The ADONIS Donation program consists of several visits to the medical center:

    • Required documents providing and tests passing

    The documents are thoroughly checked by our managers, and potential Donors will be sent to the spermogram/cytogram and blood analysis (blood type, Rh factor, HIV, syphilis, HBsAg and total antibodies to hepatitis C). 

    • Examination continuing (at least 1 week after the first visit)

    When your test results are approved, then the narcologist and a psychiatrist follows (examination process is fully paid by the clinic). 

    Donor will undergo an urologist examination with genetic material collection for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas PCR, plus blood donation for karyotype and DNA diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. 

    • Genetic material donation (at least 1 month after the second visit)

    If the results of the genetic tests are positive, the donor will donate several doses of genetic material.

    • Repeated tests passing for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C (at least 6 months after the first visit)

    Control has increased especially during the СOVID-19 pandemic. 

    The examination becomes even more strict than just for the patients. All precautions are provided together with PCR testing and vaccinations (with waiting period after it). If the Donor reveals the СOVID-19 positive – its genetic material will definitely not be used in the Infertility Program. 

    Standard procedure is still relevant too – health screening, personal interviewing, purification and examination of the genetic material. We do our best to ensure the highest quality treatment with your safety, of course. 

    Donation process in Ukraine

    Donations in Ukraine are fully resolved with legislation. According to Ukrainian law Infertility treatment (IVF, for example) with Sperm/Egg Donation is allowed under the special medical indication – you need to have health evidence to experience such type of treatment. 

    Donations in Ukraine are anonymous and safe for both sides. 

    All genetic material of ADONIS ‘own Donor base is properly processed and stored in ADONIS’ own cryobank which ensures additional comfort for the families. 

    Sperm donation is used in in IVF+ICSI Program in case of:

    • male factor infertility
    • identified genetic causes of conception impossibility
    • absence of male partner in woman
    • ejaculatory disorders in men
    • unsuccessful attempts to conceive in a couple during half a year

    Each specific case needs to be considered separately, but there are general recommendations which you can follow. 

    ADONIS skilled specialists are always ready to clear out all aspects of infertility treatment once in a first consultation.

    Sperm or Egg Donation for the IVF process can be an excellent way of treatment with approved effectiveness. 

    ADONIS Fertility International provides qualitative medical services for about 23 years – we guarantee your safety (Donor Sperm and Egg for IVF is always thoroughly diagnosed) and comfort. 

    Come and see for yourself.

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