Sperm donation is the part of the Medical Center ADONIS Donation Programs that ensures many women can get the desired pregnancy and a healthy child.

Coordinators of the International Department will organize everything for all visits, including pick-up from the airport and the rental of a hotel room/apartment. Medical Center staff will accompany patients to ensure a pleasant journey and successful treatment.


green flower is the logo IVF Stages

The preparatory stage before IVF

1 stage: Stimulation of ovulation.

2 stage: Puncture and fertilization.

3 stage: Cultivation and transfer of embryos.

4 stage: Maintenance of luteal phase for HCG result.

5 stage: Ultrasound confirmation of fetal heartbeat.

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    According to Ukrainian Law infertility treatment using donor, material is allowed only under specific medical indications. Donation is anonymous in Ukraine.

    All donor material is properly processed and stored in a special  Cryobank in the embryology laboratory of the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY. At Medical Center, each candidate for Egg Donor passes a strict medical examination in addition to the requirements of Ukrainian law. A multifaceted mix of genes of Ukrainian women provides a healthy set of genetics. Due to this, the phenotype of Ukrainian donors is absolutely universal and, therefore, can be used absolutely for each  patient. All donors are young, physically and psychologically healthy women and men, without  unhealthy  and have at least one healthy child.

    Reproduction Biologists and embryologists of the Medical Center ADONIS  are ready to devote all knowledge, capabilities, and experience – to make the dream of a  birth a reality!

    Since in some cases a successful pregnancy in patients is possible only with the use of sperm donation.  Medical Center ADONIS  provides the modern Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) method in vitro fertilization for couples with appropriate medical indications.

    Donation Department Coordinator of MC ADONIS will help you to choose the ideal donor that will meet all your wishes and be as close to what you want based on your phenotypic characteristics.

    At our Medical Center, you can select Egg Donor by the following criteria:

    • Blood type;
    • height;
    • hair color;
    • eyes color;
    • other wishes.

    There is no waiting list, and we have donors ready to participate in the  program.

    Sperm donation is the part of In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) and ICSI methods combination that are the most effective method of treating infertility and the only way to get pregnant for women who do not have the ability to get pregnant naturally. This can be caused by diseases to congenital anomalies of male and female reproductive systems.

    IVF/ICSI Treatment using sperm donation is very similar to standard IVF/ICSI treatment steps identified in the relevant section. The only difference between standard IVF/ICSI treatment and treatment with sperm donation is the fact that the male partner’s own sperm sample is used in the former and sperm donation is used in the latter. However, the treatment stages and the medication protocol that the female patient needs to undergo will be similar in both treatment types.

    Before the start of IVF Programs, reproduction biologists of the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY prescribes an individual treatment plan for patients and a list of obligatory medical examinations.

    In order to improve the effectiveness of IVF programs, embryologists of  Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY carry out intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and in this case with sperm donation.

    Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is an advanced reproductive procedure done in an embryology lab during IVF in which a single sperm is injected directly into a woman’s egg in order to create a fertilized embryo.

    Under laboratory conditions, using the newest special equipment, embryologists of  Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY carry out the cultivation of embryos for 3-5 days. The best quality embryos are transferred to the uterine cavity of a woman according to the reproduction biologists’ recommendations about a suitable day for implantation.

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