Sperm and Egg Donation

Reproduction Biologists and embryologists of the ADONIS hospital group are ready to devote all knowledge, capabilities, and experience to make the dream of a birth a reality!  Since in some cases a successful pregnancy in patients is possible only with the use of sperm and egg donation.

Donation Programs of the ADONIS hospitals group  insures many women can get the desired pregnancy and a healthy child.

Sperm and Egg Donation

Is this conception for me?

Using donated sperm or eggs is a major decision and you should take your time to think about whether it’s right for you. You may want to discuss your feelings with friends, family, or a professional counselor before going ahead. The doctor is likely to recommend donor conception if:

  • you’re not producing eggs or sperm of your own
  • your own sperm or eggs are unlikely to result in a pregnancy
  • you have a high risk of passing on an inherited disease
  • you’re in a same-sex couple or
  • you’re single.

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    Ivf egg donation

    Donation of genetic material can be an excellent choice for people with fertility challenges. ADONIS Reproduction specialists, Embryologists, Biologists and other medical staff work with full dedication to provide every client with parenthood happiness from baby birth. Technological treatment based on the IVF with Egg or Sperm Donation is one of the best choices to reach a successful pregnancy. 

    Egg and Sperm Donation processes

    Donation can be an excellent solution in case of fertility problems in both men and women (age aspect, ovarian failure or premature menopause, genetic diseases, severe impairment of spermatogenesis). 

    When you are ready to start a new life with a proper Infertility treatment Program, you need to know the main aspects of Egg and Sperm donation processes. We in ADONIS really care about patients’ awareness. 

    Sperm Donation (sperm is taken from the biological material of a fully diagnosed and healthy donor who has his own child and no bad habits) can be invoked multi optionally – to fertilize the woman’s egg inside the body (IUI procedure) or under the laboratory conditions (ICSI procedure). 

    It is used in cases of partner’s disability to conceive the baby naturally. 

    Egg Donation (egg is taken from the biological material of a diagnosed and healthy donor who has his own child and no bad habits) can be used for IVF treatment or ICSI method. Embryo creation with the help of Egg Donation help is carried out under qualitative control using the newest equipment. Totally examined (on request) embryos are transferred into the uterine cavity of the patient for further development, carry and delivery. 

    All Donors can be selected by parents individually according to medical indications or appearance preferences. 

    Donation in Ukraine – regulation and legality

    ADONIS clinics and medical processes are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The center of Europe with well-developed infrastructure, medical care, technological equipment and all-around care services. Our clients are always under control of specialists with long-term experience. 

    Donation and Infertility treatment Programs using Donor material are legalized in Ukraine and regulated by norms of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Sperm and Egg Donation is allowed only under the special medical indication which involves such type of Infertility treatment. 

    All donations are anonymous, so the personal information (including name and phone number) of our donors is safe and protected. 

    ADONIS full cycle medical processes

    The main distinctive feature of ADONIS clinics is a full cycle treatment process that uses its own technological and laboratory basis – your comfort and safety are ensured 100%. 

    In case of Infertility treatment with Egg or Sperm Donation (IVF,Surrogacy Programs) ADONIS provides high-quality services of ADONIS own Donor base. Selection of totally examined donors include candidates to any request. Moreover, all genetic material is properly processed and stored in ADONIS ‘own cryobank which is certificated and approved by the law. ADONIS Medical Center and it’s own Embryology laboratory provide perfect conditions to maintain the highest quality. 

    ADONIS ‘latest Neonatology Department provides emergency medical help for newborns in case of premature birth or childbirth difficulties.

    While PGD/PGS diagnosis in ADONIS ‘own laboratory includes NGS or FISH methods of embryo testing (one of the methods is selected according to your genetic predispositions and possible complications in embryo development). 

    It helps to identify any possible risk or problem with development of your future baby at the embryo stage. Full set chromosomes (NGS) or targeted chromosome testing (FISH) – it all depends on your individual situation. 

    Ukrainian genetic fond

    Ukrainian people have a unique mix of genes which ensure their healthy and beautiful procreation. Therefore, genetic material donors from Ukraine are the great choice – ADONIS provides only young, healthy (both physically and psychologically), approved candidates with different phenotype for your treatment process. Take advantage of the gene power. 

    Infertility treatment using Donation in ADONIS is a high class medical assistance of the future. 

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