The earliest tummy tuck patients had tummy tack as a nice “side effect”

tummy tack

The first tummy tucks were performed in the 1890s, but even at this early date, the procedure was a relative newcomer to the plastic surgery world (humans have been getting plastic surgery since well before the days of the Roman Empire).

 In fact, the tummy tuck as a cosmetic procedure developed by accident. Surgeons who performed umbilical hernia repairs to correct a protruding belly button would often remove excess skin and fat as part of the procedure, leaving patients with smoother abdomens and shapelier silhouettes—a rather pretty nice side effect!
It was not long before plastic surgeons began using similar techniques for mainly cosmetic purposes, but the original technique involved a long vertical incision that took with it a patient’s belly button.

Luckily, plastic surgeons have continually improved abdominoplasty techniques and today you can expect naturally pleasing results with a scar that is easily hidden beneath a bikini bottom (and your belly button firmly in place!).
Interested in learning even more about tummy tuck surgery? Please contact us! Our ADONIS  plastic surgeons and our staff will be happy to answer your questions and go over all the things you should know about abdominoplasty at a personal consultation.

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    tummy tack

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