Stem cell therapy – modern mean of treatment

What are stem cells?

 Cells die during ageing, inflammation or other causes. Special cells are then activated to “repair” existing damage.

 Stem cells are progenitor cells that underlie all systems and organs and are ready, if necessary, to differentiate into the necessary “building material” of our body. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are constantly self-renewing, dividing and can turn into any type of cells of the organ, thereby renewing it.

 During the period of intrauterine development, the child’s body is formed precisely from such cells. Therefore, it is important to preserve the blood of the umbilical cord, which is a unique source of undifferentiated cells and can subsequently improve human health. In the body of an adult, they perform the function of the so-called “regenerative manager”, which helps a person to renew himself. But, with age, their number decreases significantly.

 Stem cells can be obtained not only from an egg, embryo or cord blood, but also from tooth pulp, hair follicle, adipose tissue, bone marrow and other healthy tissues of an adult body. But it is worth noting that in the connective tissue of the umbilical cord they are most abundant. They are multipotent umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (cord MSCs) that are capable of rapid differentiation.

Contraindications to stem cell therapy:

  • malignant tumours;
  • borderline disorders of the blood coagulation system;
  •  severe heart and respiratory failure; unstable hemodynamics;
  • IV-V stage of renal failure;
  •  infectious diseases in the acute phase;
  • terminal stage of incurable diseases;
  • acute phase of traumatic brain injury or stroke;
  • pregnancy, planning pregnancy in the near future, breastfeeding;
  • purulent joint diseases;
  • tuberculosis of bones.

What types of diseases are treated with stem cells

Stem cell therapy is an innovative technique for restoring nerve tissue, musculoskeletal system or general rejuvenation of the body. Systemic therapy activates regenerative processes. Stem cell injections stimulate the hormonal and immune systems, reduce inflammation and restore the body’s function. Today, the world science knows more than 5.6 thousand studies that prove the safety and high clinical effectiveness of this method.

Treatment is effective when:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • type 2 diabetes mellitus;
  •  immunomodulation and rejuvenation;
  • disorders of the nervous system;
  • post-stroke conditions;
  • pathologies of an autoimmune nature;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • liver failure and liver cirrhosis;
  • levelling scar tissue; bioengineering.

The procedure for introducing cell material is sterile and completely safe.

Anti-age therapy

Stem cell rejuvenation: what is it?

This is a breakthrough in anti-age medicine.

Stem cells in cosmetology have been used quite successfully for more than one year.

What does anti-age therapy provide?

  • improving health and longevity;
  • activation of metabolic and rejuvenation processes;
  • increased immunity;
  • restoration of the hormonal background of the body;
  • reducing the level of fatigue;
  • normalization of appetite, sleep, psycho-emotional state; increased concentration of attention;
  • protection against the appearance of oncology;
  • stabilization of libido.

Diabetes treatment

 Modern cell therapy will help cure insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, obesity and type 2 diabetes, and reduce the amount and dosage of drugs used. For treatment, both donor and patient cells are used, which help to normalize the functions of the pancreas and the neuroendocrine system. The result of therapy can be a decrease in the level of complications such as diabetic polyneuropathy, nephropathy and the development of diabetic foot.

What does cell therapy provides in the treatment of diabetes mellitus?

  • improving the quality of the functioning of the pancreas, liver, intestines and other organs and systems of the body;
  • improving the functioning of the immune and endocrine systems;
  • restoration of metabolism; normalization of blood glucose levels;
  • decrease in insulin dependence;
  • positive effect on the entire body.

Treatment of orthopedic diseases 

Give yourself the joy of movement with stem cell joint therapy.

 Why orthopedic diseases are dangerous:

  • severe pain;
  • limited physical activity;
  • disability.

Causes of problems with the musculoskeletal system:

  • inflammation and destruction of articular cartilage;
  • suffered injuries (often sports);
  • excessive body weight; sedentary lifestyle;
  • heredity.

TOP 10 orthopaedic diseases that can be treated with stem cells:

  • arthrosis and postoperative conditions;
  • protracted and acute lesions of the articular cartilage;
  • aseptic necrosis;
  • osteochondrosis dissecans (Koenig’s disease);
  • bone fractures that do not heal for a long time;
  • pseudoarthrosis; subacromial impingement of the joint;
  • chronic inflammation of the tendons (tendonitis);
  • prolonged pain in the joints;
  • postoperative and post-traumatic scars.
  • Stem cell treatment for arthrosis is one of the main directions of modern cell therapy at ADONIS.

 Complex therapy promotes:

  • the release of proteins (cytokines), which help slow down cartilage degeneration and reduce pain;
  • regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue;
  • an increase in the motor and functional activity of the affected joint;
  • acceleration of fracture healing;
  • improving clinical results and radiological signs of joints;
  • improvement in neurological function after 6 months in 10/20 patients in the treatment group;
  • increasing muscle strength and preventing contractures;
  • an increase in the volume of voluntary movements;
  • changes in the quality of articular tissue, cartilage and ligaments.

The effectiveness of the treatment of osteoarthritis with the help of cell therapy is confirmed by X-ray studies and MRI data.

 Cell therapy at ADONIS 

Stem cell treatment in Kyiv is carried out only in specialized clinics. We offer the treatment of arthrosis with stem cells in Kiev at the specialized medical and research center Vitality, which is part of the medical group of companies ADONIS. Our center was created with the aim of providing innovative high quality medical care using stem cells. All ADONIS cellular products are accompanied by a cellular product passport.

 Why choose ADONIS: 

  • accreditation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • experienced professionals;
  •  material and technical base of premium class;
  • exceptional quality and safety standards;
  • effective methods, confirmed by clinical trials;
  • personal coordinators;
  • an individual treatment plan for each patient.

Sources of cellular material in ADONIS:

  • adipose tissue;
  • Bone marrow;
  • umbilical cord;
  • umbilical cord blood.

The quality of the cellular material in ADONIS:

The cell material, which is cultivated at the ADONIS Medical Research Center, meets international quality and safety standards. Stem cell therapy is prescribed and performed by specialized specialists. They trust us. Our experience is our advantage. We are waiting for you!

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