Beauty and well-being are one of the good life frameworks. No matter how old you are or where you are living, the satisfaction about your appearance and look makes you more confident and your life more colorful.

ADONIS Beauty Centre of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology offers a whole range of aesthetic medical services. You can choose whatever works best for you, from the classical treatments (peelings, beauty injections, hardware cosmetology) to plastic and reconstructive surgeries. If you are ready to change your life, the ADONIS plastic surgery clinic will always help you to make your dreams come true!

Plastic surgery

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    A wide variety of treatment directions include:

    • facial plastic surgery and cosmetology
    • body surgery
    • breast plastic surgery
    • dental services
    • hair transplantation

    Only improvements and beautiful changes are awaiting you in the ADONIS plastic surgery clinic.

    The high qualified staff with considerable experience – is a hallmark of the ADONIS. Providing the latest technologies and high-tech equipment, ADONIS takes care of your pleasant medication and staying. The results of the plastic surgery treatment speak for themselves. An incredible amount of happy clients whose life has changed with the help of our plastic surgery clinic, share their experience. It’s the best reward for the specialists – to see that genuine emotion of every unique case.

    Hardline safety

    An important fact remains to be the patients’ safety. All necessary measures to guarantee your confidence and pleasant staying:

    • Clean and disinfected facilities, as for surgical and operating rooms so cabinets and halls. Well-defined operational procedures as for sanitary work preparation for all medical and nursing staff are provided
    • The medical staff is permanently checked and is always equipped with all means of personal protection. Our objective is to ensure a safe and secure environment for your beautiful changes. ADONIS clinic of plastic surgery is doing its utmost for you to feel secure and to trust us
    • The anesthesia impact is under full control of ADONIS anesthetist. The whole range of different details are discussed with your anesthetist personally throughout preanesthesia examination. The mode, duration, safety questions are specified beforehand. 
    • Individually adapted examination plan during surgery preparation to make sure that your health is in a good condition and the whole treatment process will not prejudice to the organism
    • Chosen personally, your plastic surgeon provides any pre and postoperative care together with entire ADONIS staff
    • It is always important to have reliable sources that will advise, convince or just clarify unclear points in the treatment process. ADONIS plastic surgery clinic provides before treatment consultations with the high qualified specialists. It is essential to discuss all the aspects of your health, your lifestyle, any conditions you have or any medications you take. That discussion will help to pick up the right treatment process just for you. Taking into account all your characteristics, the plastic surgery is going to be well-thought-out and with perfect results. The consultation with talk in-depth is an integral part before surgery
    • The full treatment process, based on the surgery type, it’s evaluation and personal needs of the patient, includes post operative check ups and follow ups until the case receives the final discharge

    The ADONIS clinic provides the best plastic surgery offers in Ukraine taking into account the price-quality ratio and medical service of European level. Your beauty is the quality mark of our work, since you come to us with the most valuable – with your appearance. ADONIS is always ready to justify your confidence with the help of our experience, exclusive specialists and reliable service.

    Your beauty is in your hands, choose the plastic surgery offer in ADONIS and begin the process of wonderful transformation!

    We are pleased to submit the newest Dental Department in the ADONIS clinic at 39 Spasskaya Street, Kyiv! In this regard, ADONIS provides an unique...
    MD, Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon
    MD, Head of the Surgery Department, Abdominal Surgeon, Bariatric Surgeon
    MD, Gynecologist, Surgeon
    MD, Head of Dental department, Orthodontist
    MD, Dental Surgeon, Implantologist, Orthopedist
    MD, Dentist, Orthopedic Dentist
    MD, Dentist, Pediatric Dentist.
    MD, Dental Surgeon, Orthopedist
    MD, Plastic Surgeon
    MD, Plastic Surgeon, Phlebologist
    Mykola Kuznetsov
    MD, Plastic Surgeon
    MD, dermatovenerologist of the highest category, cosmetologist, trichologist
    MD, dermatologist, cosmetologist

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