ADONIS BEAUTY Center of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology was established to care of your beauty, pleasure and wellbeing.

Our mission is to deliver super patient care by offering the most sophisticated and advanced techniques in plastic surgery, aesthetic gynecology and cosmetology. We offer a whole range of aesthetic medicine services, from classical treatments (peelings, beauty injections, hardware cosmetology) to plastic and reconstructive surgeries.

Plastic surgery

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    The highly qualified and experienced medical team is our key asset. Our doctors belong to leading medical associations and keep up with the latest medical know-how. They attend regularly the world conferences and workshops to have access to the latest techniques, and use them to fit the needs of local and international patients.

    We treat our patients like one of our own family. Your safety and happiness are our top priorities!





    MD. Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon
    MD. Head of the Surgery Department, Abdominal Surgeon, Bariatric Surgeon
    MD. Gynecologist, Surgeon
    MD. Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Gastroenterologist
    MD. Head of Dental department, Orthodontist
    MD. Dental Surgeon, Implantologist, Orthopedist
    MD. Dentist, Orthopedic Dentist
    MD. Dentist, Pediatric Dentist.
    MD. Dental Surgeon, Orthopedist
    MD. Plastic Surgeon
    MD. Plastic Surgeon, Phlebologist
    Mykola Kuznetsov
    MD. Plastic Surgeon

    What do other patients think?

    1. Many thanks to the doctor Serhii Hryshai and the ADONIS group of hospitals, as I was suffering from hair loss for 5 years and felt uncomfortable with this problem, then I find out this amazing doctor and he helped me to get rid of this problem by performing the hair transplant FUE procedure. Now I feel confident with my new hair!

    2. I had back problems because of the big size of my breast, and there were no choice what to do. So I needed to perform the breast reduction surgery. According to my friends recommendation I have chosen ADONIS and not regret about it. After the surgery my breast has the normal size and I got rid of the terrible back pain that was folloving me for many year. Special thank you to my doctor Dr. Ani Meloyan.

    3. In my 35 I already faced the problem of the extremely hair loss. For few years I was figthting with this problem with the help of many things and medicines but nothing has helped.
      After the hair transplant surgery, I feel proud to see myself in the mirror and I can enjoy my life. Thank you a great deal to the doctor Serhii Hryshai for the successful surgery.


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    Take care of your health today

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      Take care of your health today

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