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This year was competitive, challenging and quite difficult in many terms. Despite all these, it is coming to an end and new possibilities are waiting for us in the upcoming New Year. We wish you and your family to be happy and healthy. ADONIS medical group of companies would like to congratulate you too, and that’s why we prepared a lot of presents for you!

And those are the special offers for our medical procedures, etc. in such directions as:


Childbirth for FREE (a value of $3 254).
Promotions are valid for all Surrogacy Programs. Prices for Surrogacy Programs start from $31 546


20% discount for the surrogacy programs: IVF+ICSI – $3 316 compared to the usual $4 593
IVF with ICSI+EGG DONATION – $5 590 compared to the usual $7 986


The full program Implantation with Dentium, Osstem, Root service
is 1 298$ despite the 1 398$! It means that 1 implant is only 490$ When you buy 6 implants at once – the cost of each is 450$!

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries

20% discount for all plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. This special offer you choose up to the end of January 2021, BUT you can use it for the whole next year!

Make a booking now – use it at any time during 2021!

To get your special offer, the only thing you have to do is to text us in messenger or fill in the form on our website. And our manager is going to explain to you all details and will help you to make your medical trip profitable and pleasant!

ADONIS medical group of companies are carrying about your safety, comfort and a healthy environment to be in during visiting our hospitals. That’s why we extended the time for one year for you t use this special offer.

Look for the special offers in our medical services chapter, according to your needs. And contact our managers for more information and to do the booking.

We wish you are your families to stay healthy and smile, despite all the difficulties you have to face.

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