10 myths about Surrogacy

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Surrogacy – family building option. Here you can find 10 myths that you might have heard and that are not true. “Build” your happy family, like the house , that is full of children’s laught.

1. The surrogate is related to the baby, and she has to conceive the child in the “traditional”way. Here are the first fact to slowly start to reveal your 10 myths about surrogacy:

When people think about surrogacy, they automatically think of traditional ones, in which the surrogate is genetically related to the child she’s carrying.The type of surrogacy performed in ADONIS is gestational — meaning the surrogate is implanted with a previously created embryo that doesn’t include her own egg.

2. Surrogates are only in it for the money.

Women who choose to become surrogates do have the option of a compensated surrogacy, in which they will receive a compensation for carrying the child (in addition to coverage of all pregnancy-related expenses). And they are motivated by helping another family experience the joy they know that parenthood can bring.

3. A surrogate can change her mind and keep the child after it’s born.

A surrogate is not genetically related to the child she is carrying, she has no parental rights to keep a child after birth. The surrogacy lawyer and surrogacy professional will make sure that the intended parents’ rights are protected while the surrogate is still pregnant.

4. The parents who choose surrogacy don’t want to deal with the stresses and risks of being pregnant, so they hire someone else to do it for them.

 This is a completely false and hurtful comment; intended mothers would do anything to be able to carry their own child, and many have already gone through years and thousands of dollars’ worth of IVF treatments before turning to surrogacy.

5. Surrogacy is an unethical practice where women sell their wombs and intended parents profit off vulnerable women.

Surrogacy is not only an ethical practice where both parties want the same thing — it’s also a highly regulated one that protects the rights and interests of both parties involved. Laws in Ukraine ensure that both surrogates and intended parents are not taken advantage of, and professional surrogacy agencies like ADONIS make sure that their clients are properly cared for throughout the process. Surrogates want to carry a child for intended parents, and they are properly compensated for doing so.

6. Surrogacy is illegal where I live.

According to the Ukrainan law the surrogacy is fully legal in Ukraine

7. Surrogacy is selfish when there are so many children waiting to be adopted or fostered.

As mentioned before, many intended parents who choose surrogacy do it as a last chance to have a biologically related child. They may have a few embryos left from previous IVF cycles, and they don’t want them to go to waste.

8. Intended parents are not able to bond with a baby that is being carried by another woman.

Surrogacy is a partnership; intended parents and the surrogate work together through every step.

9. I can’t breastfeed my baby if he or she is born via surrogacy.

Breastfeeding as an intended mother is absolutely possible in surrogacy — and highly recommended.

10. I can’t afford surrogacy.

While surrogacy can be quite expensive for intended parents (it’s completely free for surrogates), but in Ukraine it is one of the most affordable prices in the world.

 These are just 10 of the common misconceptions about surrogacy, and they’re certainly not the only ones. One of the best ways to recognize the myths about surrogacy is by talking to an experienced surrogacy professional like ADONIS group of hospitals. Our specialists can answer any questions you have and help you fully understand exactly what the surrogacy process entails. To learn more, please contact us.

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