Ukrainian Surrogacy: A Complete Profile of Your Surrogate Mother

One of the first questions couples considering surrogacy ask is, “Who would carry the baby?”

It is only natural to want to know all the relevant details about your surrogate mother – her age, what she is like, what health indicators and habits she has, etc.

But one question leads to many: how does Adonis choose surrogate mothers? How do families relate to surrogate mothers during the program? What are her responsibilities? What does Adonis provide her with? What kinds of anomalies might there be with surrogate mothers?

On the next Adonis Hot Seat Wednesday, we’ll be answering all these questions and more.

On April 21, our head of surrogate relations Elena Makarova will be joining us to offer you an in-depth understanding of ADONIS’ surrogate mothers and what is expected of them during the surrogacy process.

In addition to a profile (including age, interests, family, personal history, etc.), Adonis’ internal criteria, and the surrogate’s obligations, we will also be covering…

– How to navigate communication with your surrogate during the process
– How to build a connection with your baby while your surrogate is pregnant
– How to demonstrate your appreciation to your surrogate

April 21, 2021 at 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 pm ET | 7 pm Kyiv

To register click here: http://bit.ly/ukrainian_surrogate_mother

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