The Screening of Surrogate Mothers in Ukraine

Every life is sacred.

This four-word phrase carries a lot of weight, particularly when it comes to surrogacy. 

Dry medical context and cold scientific analysis can reduce the role of the players concerned on their own. Gestational carrier. Donor of eggs. Implantation of the embryo. 

We owe it to surrogate mothers, aspiring families, and new human beings at Adonis Fertility International and Adonis Medical Group to unwaveringly respect the sanctity of every life while guiding them on this journey. 

This means prioritizing the surrogate mother’s integrity and wellbeing, as well as the embryo’s best chance of a successful transfer, at every step of the way. 

This starts before the surrogate mother is prepared for embryo transfer – even during the screening period.

You might be curious about the ethical aspects of surrogacy if you’ve chosen to start looking for a surrogate mother. Many families who enlist our support in their pregnancy journey are worried about the surrogate mother’s physical and mental well-being. 

We address these concerns at Adonis Fertility International’s medical facilities in Kyiv, Ukraine, by using one of the most selective screening processes in the field of assisted reproductive technology – to assess the chances of successful embryo implantation, as well as to form a full image of the surrogate mother’s effect.

Our doctors have to get to know the surrogate applicant as a whole person, not only as a gestational carrier, so we administer hundreds of tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the embryo transfer. (Do you have any concerns about our screening tests? Make an appointment with one of our fertility experts.) 

The pipelle biopsy of the endometrium is one of the many tests we run. 

Given the vulnerability of reproductive organs and the harsh, abrasive emotional picture of the word “biopsy,” the thought of an endometrial biopsy can make you uncomfortable.

However, the surrogate mother is almost untouched by the pipelle endometrial biopsy. Only after extensive gynecological examination to ensure that there is no risk of infection is the test performed. The biopsy is also minimally invasive, with no scraping, bleeding, or scarring, and no damage to the endometrium of the surrogate mother.

With such a small impact on the surrogate mother, you may be wondering if this biopsy provides any essential information. In fact, this test provides comprehensive details about the endometrium of the surrogate mother. Our doctors will gain a critical understanding of its chemical composition, which will enable them to change their surrogate treatment trajectory for a successful embryo transfer.

Many of Adonis’ other screening evaluations, such as the pipelle endometrial biopsy, go beyond the Ministry of Health of Ukraine’s requirements. These tests are used to improve the embryo’s likelihood of implantation while still maintaining the surrogate mother’s health and safety. These screenings are a matter of due diligence for us in order to preserve the sanctity of all lives affected by the surrogacy method. 

Of course, certain important decisions are taken during the surrogacy planning phase that impact either the surrogate mother’s health or the probability of a successful transfer.

However, as we accompany a hopeful family and a surrogate mother on their journey together, we are motivated by two vital values that are encapsulated in a single creed. 

“Maximize the chances of successful implantation – even on the first attempt – and preserve the surrogate mother’s health and honor, because every life is sacred.” 

Please contact us if you are researching surrogacy or surrogate motherhood and would like us to assist you in making your miracle a reality.

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    Medical services:

    • Examination of man before IVF (karyotype cost is not included), if needed (Spermogramm; Blood group, Rh factor; Hepatitis B – HbsAg; Hepatitis C (HCV), Ig total; Treponema Рallidum, Ig total; HIV (screening test for antibodies to HIV by IFA); X-ray of thoracal cavity organs in direct projection)
    • Cryopreservation of sperm (up to 3 times)
    • IVF+ICSI+ED with the medicines cost for Donor`s stimulation, without embryo transfer with the storage of embryos during 12 months
    • PGT (24 chromosomes) up to 2 (will be made by decision of the Medical Center)
    • Examination of Surrogate mother before IVF program according to locally approved MGC «Adonis» protocol (Surrogate mothers – if needed)
    • Cryoprogram, up to 5 (transfer of thawed embryos, cost of medicines for endometrium preparation included)
    • Prenatal care program “Expecting baby”
    • Medicines for SM`s pregnancy support (up to $1000)
    • SM`s delivery in a natural way, pregnancy with 1 fetus (The cost of delivery by cesarean section and / or twin delivery must be paid extra)
    • Interruption of nonprogressive and progressive abnormal uterine pregnancy in terms up to 12 weeks (with the cost of pathohistological examination) – one time if needed

    Non-medical services:

    • Biomaterial Transportation Coordination and Paperwork Completion
    • Selection of Egg Donor (up to 2)
    • Selection of Surrogate Mother (up to 3)
    • Surrogate mother’s stay in the Standard Room (up to 15 days)
    • Standard Compensation to Surrogate Mother (1 time): transport expenses, embryo transfer, 9-months compensation for a healthy diet and clothing, final compensation
    • Translation of Patients` documents for Medical Center (passports, marriage certificate medical documentation required to start the Program)
    • Legal services pre-birth (standard): development and signing of the agreement with the surrogate mother and all the agreements required for the program (including notary for one surrogate mother)
    • Legal services post-birth (one child registration; standard; urgent): legal services for scheduling and preparation of documents for standard registration of a child born as a result of the client’s participant in the SM program, included preparing documents for ONE embassy and Civil Registration Office, and accompany clients for post-birth vital meetings (i.e., birth certificate filing and receiving at the Civil Registration Office)
    • Program coordination and support (English) till pregnancy confirmation
    • Program coordination and support (English) pregnancy confirmation till baby exit. Coordination included in Kyiv and Lviv.
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