The average cost of surrogacy: comparison of US, UK, Canada and Ukraine

Evidently, surrogacy is a major financial investment for most families. 

At ADONIS, we are transparent about surrogate program costs and fees. That is why our team is committed to providing you with tools and choices to make your surrogacy journey as simple as possible.

In order to help you to make a decision where to do a surrogacy program at your home country or abroad, we want to compare average costs for programs in such countries as the USA, Canada, UK and Ukraine.

The average cost of surrogacy program in the USA

The main payment for the first-time surrogate with medical services in the USA, California starts from 50,000 USD.

+ Screening Costs from 1,250 USD

Legal Fees from 8,000 USD

Psychological Support 2,500 USD

Other Costs Paid by Intended Parents about 2,300 USD

Surrogate’s health insurance (approximate cost) 25,000 USD

So the total average cost for the surrogacy program comes around 90,000 USD and can rise over 100,000 USD.

The average cost of surrogacy program in Canada

The average cost of surrogacy in Canada is about 85,000 CAD (the equivalent of about 75,000 USD), which include agency fees, legal contracts, medical and psychological screening of the surrogate, fertility clinic costs, and embryo transfer, which can easily add up to much more than the person(s) paying the costs expected. The payment to surrogate mothers in Canada is illegal and should be only altruistic. 

The average cost of surrogacy program in the UK

Depending on the clinic and your surrogate, the overall cost of surrogacy in the UK will exceed £50,000 (roughly $65,000 USD). The total cost of surrogacy in the United Kingdom will include not only the surrogate cost, but also the therapeutic fees for IVF and embryo transfers, consulting fees, and legal fees. 

In addition, in the UK, the law prohibits the payment of any remuneration to a surrogate mother in excess of reasonable coverage of her expenses, and the surrogacy can be only altruistic. And after birth, you need to carry out, for example, a difficult adoption procedure (the same in Canada). Thus, from a legal point of view, the process is not completely regulated and safe and carries certain risks.

The average cost of surrogacy program in Ukraine

At ADONIS we have a number of various surrogacy programs, the price starts from 35,858 USD and the maximum price of a guarantee program of surrogacy is 55,000 USD including reward to the surrogate. 

The total cost of all surrogacy programs in ADONIS includes all medicine costs, surrogate compensation and expenses, fertility clinic, all legal and translation fees and also a personal coordinator. So as you can see, the cost of the average surrogacy in Ukraine is twice or even three times cheaper even with extra expenses for flights and accommodation. 

So as you can see, average surrogacy prices in Ukraine are more than competitive. At the same time, the quality of services meets international standards, we use only certified equipment, the latest methods of treatments, and our team of doctors who are constantly improving their skills and studying in the best institutions in the world, are ready to make your surrogate journey as safe and comfortable as possible. Thus coming to Ukraine for a surrogate program can be a great chance for those families who could not have afforded such a procedure at their home countries (like Canada, the USA or UK). In addition, Ukraine is one of the countries where the surrogacy program is maximally regulated from a legal point of view and patients are protected by law. 

The level of medical service you receive though is not lower than in other leading counties, while the service is quite higher. 

You can browse our programs here and see reviews from our customers here.

Alternatively, please, contact us and our team will guide you through all process.

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