Benefits for the American and Canadian citizens to go through the surrogate process with ADONIS

ADONIS is always on a look out for the ways to improve your experience. 

We have a local office in North America.

ADONIS has offices located in the United States. Our local presence guarantees a level of comfort and convince unparalleled by other international programs. 

ADONIS Fertility International – is our ADONIS International Department in USA, located in Colorado. 

If you are in USA or Canada, we have convenience package for you at no additional cost.

Our program is the best option for you to achieve your dream of having a family. It’s gentler, quicker, more affordable, and our process is completely transparent. We’re with you from the beginning to when you bring your baby home. 

Here are some of the conveniences of Adonis having offices in the United States:

  • 24×7 Global Support
    Our team is ready to answer your questions when you want to ask them. Can’t sleep and have a question at 2:00 a.m in Canada? We’ll be here. 
  • Safe, Transparent Banking
    One of the things we hear about international surrogacy programs is the fear of using international wires, and whether they can truly be trusted and tracked to the source (you).
    With Adonis Fertility International, our local offices provide an extra level of trust: 
    • No international wires
    • No cash-only payments
    • ADONIS Fertility International handles ALL payments on your behalf
    • We will never ask you to travel internationally with large amounts of cash
    • Payments are made to a United States Bank, using bill pay, checks, or your other preferred method
    • ADONIS Fertility International will pay the entities in Ukraine on your behalf
  • Convenient Medical Financing
    Take advantage of flexible financing of up to $35,000 through our partnership with United Medical Credit. A free application will notify you of approval within moments. https://www.unitedmedicalcredit.com/start-an-application/?pid=0010y00001iamy5
  • Terms and Regulations from USA
    Our clients’ safety is our top priority. Although medical operations are done in ADONIS’ Ukraine facilities, your umbrella surrogacy agreement is backed by our American offices, U.S. law, and promises to provide you with the U.S.-based level of legal support that you need. 

Want to learn more?

Contact us for a free consultation session today. It’s our mission to help as many families as possible to achieve their dreams of welcoming a new baby into their homes.  

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