New Head of our Vitality laboratory – Dmytryi Zubov

Dear patients, clients and colleagues of the ADONIS medical group of companies.

Today we would like to introduce to you the Head of our laboratory at Vitality Biotech – Dmytryi Zubov.

We are happy to welcome such a significant scientist into our team. Below you can find some information about our new team member.

Dmytryi Zubov is a biotechnologist for the manufacturing of stem cell-based biomedicinal products.
He’s developing and advancing the methods for culturing human and animal cells (primary cultures, immortal cell lines), as well as the tissue-engineering methods for manufacturing of 3D living tissue equivalents (analogues), e.g., skin, derma, bone, cartilage equivalents.

He also possessed and set the techniques for the production of cell-based and tissue-engineered biomedicinal products based on human or animal cells with the establishment of quality and safety criteria for such a product.

Dmytryi Zubov possesses Upper Studies Graduated Specialist Diploma in Biology mentioned Excellent of Donetsk State University. Since 1999 Dmytryi Zubov has experience in planning/launching the biotechnology facilities and manufacturing processes in three biotechnological laboratories in Ukraine for the development and manufacturing of biomedicinal products based on human cells.

He is a member of the TERMIS, ISSCR and ISCT.

Dmytryi Zubov is Ph.D. in Immunology and Senior Researcher in Biotechnology (Academic rank) and he is also a co-author of 18 declarative patents of Ukraine and one USA Patent and a co-author of over 130 scientific professional publications. He is also a Lead Researcher in the Applied Biotechnology Laboratory of the State Institute for Genetics & Regenerative Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (part-time).

We hope that our team of Vitality laboratory with the new Head will achieve the high standards in the stem cell production, and make a significant impact into the stem cell research industry which will bring some impact to the world science in different areas, and mainly the medical one.

In medical area stem cells are using for the treatment of various diseases, and the quality of the used stem cells plays the most important role in the treatment outcome.  Our team is doing their best in preparing the stem cells for the treatment in such medical directions as:

– anti-aging therapy

– neurology

– ophthalmology

– orthopaedics

– surgery

– urology

– gynecology

– dentistry

– endocrinology

Find more information about the stem cell treatment you can on the following link: Main Home – Stem cells treatment in Ukraine | VITALITY ✅ (vitality-stemcells.com)

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    MD, Head of Vitality laboratory. Biologist-biotechnologist for the production of stem cells products.

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