Medical Tourism in Ukraine: How To Choose The Right Accommodation

Our next Hot Seat Wednesday is just around the corner. Here’s what’s on the agenda.

Where to find accommodations in Kyiv (Ukraine) is one of our most frequently asked questions. While our USA CEO Maria Feekes is on the ground in Kyiv, we wanted you to have the opportunity to have your questions answered by someone who has been dealing with apartments in Kyiv for more than 20 years.

Just a few people in this field know as many important tips about foreign clients renting apartments in Kyiv as our guest does. Many of our families have used his apartments.

Here are some of the questions that we hope to brainstorm during our Hot Seat:

1) What are the top districts for accommodations in Kyiv?
2) What must-have items should be in the apartment?
3) What does the infrastructure of the district you are staying in look like?
4) What questions do you need to ask the manager to find the best option for you?
5) We’ll talk about the transport interchange of the main Kyiv districts.
6) What you need to look for in the apartment before you check-in.
7) Which is the better option – living in the center of town or closer to the clinic you came to?
8) Understanding that the rental agency can definitely be trusted.
9) Your questions.

See you on Wednesday, August 11th!

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