Free Webinar: Logistics Of Surrogacy. Top 10 Questions Asked by the IPs


Surrogacy during pandemic – let’s talk logistics!

If you are in the surrogacy process and you’re wondering what else you need to know, here are the top 10 questions that intended parents have about surrogacy and the ever-changing “new normal”:

1. What type of transportation is available for the surrogate to reach the clinic?
2. How do program coordinators plan medical appointments and logistics for surrogates under more restrictive mandates?
3. How can we ensure that the surrogate is practicing recommended safety measures to stay healthy?
4. What is the protocol for handling emergency situations during the surrogacy program? 
5. In what cases is the surrogate required to notify the coordinator about changes in or concerns about her condition?
6. How is the transportation of biomaterial being organized during COVID?
7. What are the requirements for the international transportation of biomaterial?
8. Can the surrogate sign an agreement or start stimulation before my required original documents or my biomaterial has arrived to the clinic?
9. Does the surrogate have decision-making power about the medical process?

ADONIS Hot Seat Wednesday

Speakers: Adonis’ Head of Coordinators, Ivanna Lesyk, and Deputy Director of Adonis Fertility International, Amy Lester

April 7, 2021 at 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 pm ET | 7 pm Kyiv
Registration link:

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    Medical services:

    • Examination of man before IVF (if needed)
    • Examination of Surrogate mother before IVF program (Surrogate mothers – if needed)
    • Cryopreservation of sperm (up to 3 times)
    • IVF+ICSI+ED with the medicines cost for Donor`s stimulation, without embryo transfer with the storage of embryos during 12 months
    • PGD (24 chromosomes)
    • Additional cryoteks
    • Cryoprogram (transfer of thawed embryos, cost of medicines for endometrium preparing included)
    • Prenatal care program “Waiting for baby”
    • Medicines for SM`s pregnancy support
    • SM`s delivery in natural way, pregnancy with 1 fetus (The cost of delivery by caesarean section and /or twin delivery must be paid extra)
    • Interruption of nonprogressive and progressive abnormal uterine pregnancy in terms up to 12 weeks (with the cost of pathohistological examination) – if needed

    Non-medical services:

    • Selection of Egg Donor (1+ times, if needed)
    • Selection of Surrogate Mother (1+ times, if needed)
    • Surrogate mother’s stay in the Standard Room (up to 15 days)
    • Payment to SM for miscarriage (if needed)
    • Translation of Patients` documents for Medical Center (passports, marriage certificate medical documentation required to start the Program)
    • Financial compensation Surrogate mother (Surrogate mothers – if needed) for transport expenses, for the embryo transfer, for a healthy diet and clothing
    • Development of individual draft on Agreement of surrogacy with selected SM (SMs, if needed)
    • Notarization of POA
    • Notarization of Agreement of surrogacy providing (agreements if necessary)
    • Coordination Services of SM Program till delivery of SM information support and translation services
    • Notarization Surrogate mother`s statement after birth providing
    • Legal services for registration of Child born as a result of the Client’s participation in the SM Program, preparing documents for Embassy
    • Renting of a flat for SM (or rooms in an apartment or other apartment) since the 7th month of pregnancy
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