Is there any difference between Surrogacy and Natural Pregnancy for a surrogate mother?

Many women considering becoming a surrogate wonder how the experience compares to being pregnant with their own children, particularly in terms of emotions. These are key issues to consider if you wish to use a surrogacy clinic to help others expand their families.

Gestational surrogates are remarkable women who have a passion to help those who are unable to bear children for various reasons.

We have talked a lot about how to choose a surrogate mother and what will be future parents’ experience. Today we would like to describe the other side: differences that a gestational carrier can expect during the surrogate program compared to personal pregnancy. 

Let’s go through all the process to see all Differences Between Personal and Surrogacy Pregnancies.

Those differences are both physical and mental, and they start long before you are pregnant.

What are Physical requirements and Health Preparation?

  • A woman must have completed at least one pregnancy and birth without difficulties and is currently caring for the child as one of the criteria for being a surrogate. One of the most major differences between a personal and surrogate pregnancy is the in vitro method used for surrogacy.
  • Gestational carriers are genetically unrelated to the child of the intended parents. A fertility clinic develops embryos that are transferred into the surrogate mother using in vitro fertilization (IVF). Intended parents have the option of using their own genetic material or relying on an egg donor.
  • Surrogate mothers undergo the same physical symptoms as personal pregnancies after becoming pregnant. To develop a stronger bond, intended parents may wish to attend the surrogate’s medical checkups in person or over video chat.

What Emotional or Mental Experience should the surrogate be ready for?

As you might expect, the emotional experience of being a surrogate mother is radically different from that of a woman preparing to give birth to her own child. Preparing a nursery, thinking about nursing and child care, and selecting a pediatrician are among the topics and anxieties that generally occupy the thoughts of a pregnant woman expecting her first child are absent.

Surrogates, on the other hand, are ready for the emotional rollercoaster of delivery and “giving the baby back” to the intended parents. Surrogates are supported by our team of professionals, who are familiar with the emotional roller coaster that gestational carriers go through during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Postpartum, also known as the “fourth trimester,” is a crucial period for all moms. Surrogates have a unique situation because they are not caring for a child while recovering physically and emotionally from their deliveries and surrogacy adventures. Even though they are not caring for a newborn, we advise surrogates to seek help from others following the delivery.

Are there any other important differences?

Yes, it is highly important for a surrogate to build up the Support System.

When you’re expecting a child of your own, your extended family and friends are eager to assist you in any way they can. Surrogate mothers should be supported by their immediate families as well.

During the pregnancy, many surrogates build close bonds with their intended parents and even their relatives. Because of the one-of-a-kind aspect of the surrogacy journey, surrogate mothers and intended parents cherish their shared bond.

These bonds are frequently maintained long after the delivery. In reality, ten years later, multiple international studies on surrogacy births indicated good attitudes among surrogate parents, surrogate moms, and the children themselves.

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If you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother but have questions about the process and what to expect physically and emotionally, our team is here to help you make a decision. 

Submitting an application is the first step in the process.

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