Infertility treatment in Ukraine: Q&A

Surrogacy and IVF programs in Ukraine.

We would like to share with you some of the pressing FAQ from our webinar “Infertility treatment in Ukraine: Q&A“.

1. What are the legal requirements for IP’s for the surrogacy programs in Ukraine?

One of the main reasons why foreigners choose surrogacy in Ukraine, besides the cost, is parental rights establishment. And Ukraine is very unique in that part because you are a parent of the child from the moment of conception. The surrogate does not have any rights, any claims to your child.  

But there are some limitations of who can be a part of the surrogacy program in Ukraine. By law, it states, that surrogacy in Ukraine is available only to heterosexual married couples (legally married with certificate). 

At least one of the couples must have a genetic connection to a child. 

Also, you have to have medical indications to do a surrogacy program from your doctor originally.

2. If I do not have embryos created yet, how the IVF process would look like in Ukraine?

In this case, you will have to go through an embryo creation program or in your country of origin or with ADONIS in Ukraine. 

If you decide to do IVF with ADONIS you should plan a trip to Ukraine for at least 21 days. Before that, we organise all testing for you in advance. 

3. What are the key tests couple needs to take before IVF or before surrogacy?

You can reach us to know all details and a list of required tests for your specific case. 

4. In what cases surrogacy should be considered vs. IVF?

There are 2 sides: medical and personal.

There are might be some conditions why you can not carry a child. And from another side, not all are ready for another woman to carry their child.

5. How are surrogates and donors are being tested? 

Our surrogates are going through very deep medical and psychological evaluations. And in the end, there is a group of doctors that will approve the candidate to a program.

There is a list of requirements from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, but the list of ADONIS is even more narrow. 

Donors are also of course subject to medical testing before submitting.

You can always require a specific list of tests at our coordinator. 

6. How surrogates are emotionally prepared for the demands of the program?

We have done a specific webinar about this topic with our head of the OB-GYN department of ADONIS. It can be watched here:

From the very beginning, we should understand if the person is ready to carry this responsibility and values to help another family. She should understand what is her role and respect all of that process. 

But also of course during all the process she has psychological and psychological support from our team from the very start till the period after the delivery.

7. In what cases PGT (preimplantation genetic testing) is being recommended?

This question is always should be addressed to the medical team in any particular case. There are different types of tests and to be decided by a doctor which one to do.

Normally it is recommended if you had some IVF attempts failed if you have any genetic history in your family if you passed a certain age.  

The test doe not increase the chances of implantation, but it helps to make a decision on which embryo to chose and to transfer. 

8. Is there any age limitations for the age of future parents?

Legally there is no limitation for age and we support any requests and we do not have age limits from our side.

9. How many embryos can be transferred at a time? What are the considerations for the twin vs. singleton journey?

At ADONIS we allow transferring 1 or 2 embryos at a time.

If you choose 2 embryos, then we will have to talk about twins risks and all specific conditions for that.

10. How long do parents need to stay in Ukraine after the baby is born?

It depends on the country in which you are receiving the citizenship. 

Through the prospective for USA or Canada, we advise 3-4 weeks after the baby was born. 

11. What are the key milestones of the baby registration and citizenship establishment process?

You receive the birth certificate, then you go through the documents process for the citizenship, DNA testing as for USA requirements, receive a temporary passport (can be a permanent passport as well, but it takes 1 week longer).

If you have additional questions left, please contact us!

Full recording of the video is available on our YouTube channel:

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