How to take care of the newborn after you leave the maternity hospital

The first weeks at home with your newborn baby are always wonderful and exciting. You are just beginning to learn to interact with each other and you still have no answers to many questions.

The main thing we want to say right away is that you will succeed! 

Try to be a lit bit less nervous and enjoy every minute you spend together.

And to support you and create a solid foundation of initial knowledge, we’ve invited for our upcoming webinar ADONIS’ pediatrician – Inna Lazaruk MD, she will tell us in detail what to do with your sweet baby when you just returned from the maternity hospital.

Questions we’re going to discuss:

  • work of the Adonis Maternity Hospital: key specializations, number of doctors, things our team is absolutely proud about;
  • Child care from the moment of discharge from the hospital: high level overview;
  • Top 10 things about newborn care to pay attention to;
  • Typical signs of baby distress or acute symtops that you must report to the doctor; immediately. What are you steps of getting help;
  • What things to pack when picking up newborn;
  • Preferences about the feeding (we often get questions what formula to choose, liquid or power, or is it important to ask surrogate to feed baby for the first three days, etc);
  • What things to plan for the long trip back home (e.g. USA flight could be 15-22 hours) and how to help newborn stay healthy and comfortable during the flight;
  • Your questions.

Join the webinar on June 2, at 9 am PT | 10 am MT | 12 pm ET | 7 pm Kyiv.

Register to attend: http://bit.ly/newborn_care_webinar

See you!

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