Free webinar “IVF + Stem Cell Program for Ovarian Disfunction”

We prepared for you interesting webinar “IVF + Stem Cell Program for Ovarian Disfunction”.

No path to parenthood is the same. 

This is especially true when it comes to making critical decisions like:

1) Whether you should select the use of donor eggs or attempt to use your own eggs?

2) Choosing surrogacy or carrying the child yourself?

At Adonis, we are passionate about equipping you with knowledge and expanding your possibilities.

When you have a dream of having your own child – your own vital genetic link – no matter your age or other conditions, we take this dream very seriously.

Join us for our next Hot Seat Webinar as we meet with one of our leading stem cell reproductive specialists, Dr. Victoria Orlova.

FOLLOW the link now and set a reminder by pressing the button bell.

If you or someone you know is dreaming of parenthood, join us for this upcoming webinar. Feel free to invite a friend.

We’ve seen a success rate of over 65% in increasing the quality and number of eggs in cases that were believed to be impossible.

Here are some of the questions we will explore:

1. What type of stem cells are being used in the program?

2. In which cases should stem cells in reproduction be considered?

3. What are contraindications for the program?

4. What does the process look like?

5. What are the trends and success rates?

Impossible is an opinion, and when it comes to increasing the odds for your dream of a baby, Dr. Orlova believes that anything is possible.

We can’t wait to explore this with you.

See you on 6 of October, 2021 at 5 PM GTM, 9 AM PT, 10 AM MT, 12 PM ET

Speak soon!

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