Radiology in the ADONIS Radiological Center started its work in 2018. We offer the most advanced researches.

Computed Tomography

Computed tomography is one of the key diagnostic methods for internal organs and systems using multilayer scanning with X-rays. The traditional X-ray method can provide a picture in only one projection, while a CT scan allows you to view the object to the nearest millimeter from all visible sides.

We conduct computed tomography of various areas and organs, with and without contrast – depending on the doctor’s recommendations.

Low-dose computed tomography of the chest

This is the most informative and affordable method for examining the chest and lungs to date. With just one scan, you get a complete picture of your chest with detail in half a millimeter increments. With such a study, even the most minor changes in the chest and lungs can be detected.

Often patients refuse CT in favor of X-ray due to high radiation, especially the elderly, children and people with chronic diseases. But our computed tomography machine has a low-dose scanning mode equivalent to X-ray. That is, you absolutely do not risk your health and do not receive a large dose of radiation.

Therefore, our doctors prefer the diagnosis of the lungs with low-dose CT, given the minimum dose of radiation and the maximum information content.

Lung CT scan is fast, does not require special preparation, the patient does not need to be in an uncomfortable position or hold his breath for a long time, as with X-ray (holding the breath sometimes causes severe discomfort in patients with heart failure, lung diseases, injuries, as well as children).

You can also make CT scanning of:

  • head
  • neck
  • temporal bones
  • paranasal sinuses
  • spine
  • limbs
  • abdominal cavity and small pelvis and other organs


Mammography of the mammary glands – that is examination that women over 40 must undergo annually. Mammographic examinations of women are an integral part of the prevention of breast cancer and other diseases.

In ADONIS radiological center, a digital mammography is performed with the possibility to send the results by mail.


X-ray examination of chest organs, bones and joints, paranasal sinuses, abdominal cavity and small pelvis, spine.

At the ADONIS radiological center:

  • radiologist consultation before examination
  • color printing of 3D illustrations
  • large images showing anatomical structures and pathologies
  • safe use of contrast
  • consultation and presence of an anesthetist during each study with contrast
  • individual calculation of the required amount of contrast

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