Want a perfect smile without the discomfort of wearing braces or other interventions? Let’s have a look on aligners.

A smile is the key to a beautiful appearance! What are aligners?

Want a perfect smile without the discomfort of wearing braces or other interventions?

Aligners are used in many cases, even where traditional braces cannot be used.

What are aligners?

Aligners (an alternative to braces) are a series of removable transparent mouth guards (plates) that are used by dentists to sequentially move teeth to align them. For several years now, these devices have been used in many countries around the world.

What are EasyLiners?

EasyLiners is an aligner made using the ultramodern digital Easy Align technology.

Thanks to the Easy Align technology, your teeth will be clearly and safely positioned and placed in the ideal position. It is really fast, convenient, safe and affordable compared to other systems.

Benefits of aligners:

1. Invisible

The main advantage is that they are virtually invisible.

2. Removable

The patient can take it off while eating or brushing teeth.

3. Comfortable

They do not change diction, do not inject, do not irritate the mucous membrane, can be removed during important events.

4. Hygienic

Easy, convenient, familiar cleaning of the oral cavity in all ways.

5. Antiallergenic

Due to its composition, it does not cause allergies.

6. Harmless to enamel

There is no need for total enamel etching, there is no risk of enamel chips like braces.

7. Efficiency

The alignment of the teeth occurs from the very first stage of treatment.

8. Reducing the time of appointment with the dentist

Compared to traditional treatment, you spend significantly less time visiting your orthodontist.

Easy Align – additional benefits by technology

1. Digital modeling

Errors in modeling (which are possible with manual modeling on a plaster model) are eliminated.

2. Digital production of easy liners

Reconstruction of the physical model takes place through high-precision computer milling.

3. Availability

Our pricing policy will pleasantly surprise you.

4. Visualization of treatment

Thanks to computer technology, you will see the result even before the start of treatment.

5. Fast production

Diagnostics of the patient and production of the first set of aligners takes up to 5 working days. 

What problems will aligners help solve?

1. Open bite

The anterior or posterior teeth do not close together, forming a gap between them. Often, an open bite causes significant discomfort for the patient: painful sensations when chewing, insufficiently thorough chewing of food, and even defects in diction.

2. Mesial bite

Occurs when the lower teeth protrude beyond the front teeth. The consequences of mesial occlusion are early development of periodontal diseases: periodontitis and periodontal disease, diseases of the temporomandibular joint, difficulties in prosthetics.

3. Cross bite

It occurs when the upper and lower jaws are displaced from each other. Often these patients chew on one side. Those teeth that will take an active part in chewing are more prone to caries, and the early development of periodontal diseases (periodontal disease and periodontitis) is an indispensable companion of this form of pathology.

4. Deep bite

Deep bite – the incisors of the upper dentition more than half overlap the incisors of the lower dentition, while the lower incisors do not rest on the tubercles of the upper teeth. As a rule, the first object of damage in such a bite is the periodontium, and the oral mucosa suffers from chronic trauma to the teeth. Increased tooth abrasion is common in the deep dentition.

5. Gaps between teeth (treme, diastema)

This problem also requires treatment, since in addition to discomfort when food gets between the teeth, it can lead to various diseases of the teeth and gums, such as caries, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and loosening of the teeth.

6. Crowding teeth

Left untreated, crowding makes it difficult to clean your teeth and increases the likelihood of early tooth decay and gum disease.

Treatment process

Each EasyLiner is designed taking into account the peculiarities of the patient’s clinical situation and moves the teeth a short pre-programmed distance and rotates to a certain degree. Each subsequent EasyLiner from the set gradually moves the teeth closer and closer to the ideal position.

With the help of the alignment lighting, the dentist installs retention points on the teeth with a photopolymer composite. The composite is matched to the tooth color and is practically invisible.

Easeliners should be worn consistently for the number of days specified by the dentist, removing only during hygiene and eating. 

The duration of treatment depends on the complexity of each clinical case and the average ranges from 3 to 14 months. Depending on the complexity of the treatment, the set may contain from 3 to 30 easy-liners. 

It is not necessary to be present in Ukraine for the entire period of treatment. For our patients, we have developed a special algorithm of work so that, being anywhere in the world, the treatment continues, and your teeth become more perfect and perfect.

How does this happen?

1 – You sign up for a consultation, and our doctor conducts a full diagnosis and all the necessary work

2 – Aligners are made within a few days, and then you come to the clinic, and the doctor tells you about the rules of wearing and the results that await you

3 – You go home, and we remotely produce new aligner kits for you every 2 months and send them to you (4 or 5 kits). To do this, you just need to take a photo of the oral cavity, according to the instructions, and send the doctor to our clinic.

4. Finally, at the end of treatment, you get the best smile you have ever had before!

ADONIS always meets the client, and will do everything possible to make your treatment as comfortable, safe and effective as possible!

Using aligners

Each Easeliner should be treated with a disinfectant before first use.

The EasyLiner is removed only while eating and brushing your teeth. At this time, keep the Isiliner away from heat, children and pets in special Isiboxes.

During the treatment period, the patient’s teeth are in an “unnatural environment”: difficulty washing with saliva and other factors can cause increased sensitivity. Therefore, we recommend that you pay special attention to hygiene. 

Find out more about aligners or get a free consultation here.

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