5 expert tips to improve your digestion for free of charge

Change your diet habits

Diets high in processed foods have been linked to a higher risk of digestive disorders. Eating a diet low in food additives, trans fats and artificial sweeteners may improve your digestion and protect against digestive diseases.

No Stress!

Stress negatively impacts your digestion and has been linked to IBS, ulcers, constipation and diarrhea. Reducing stress can improve digestive symptoms.

Chew Your Food

Digestion starts in your mouth. Your teeth break down the food into smaller pieces so that the enzymes in your digestive tract are better able to break it down.

Keep a food diary

When you record your eating habits and symptoms for a week or more, it’s easier to identify patterns and trends in your symptoms, for you and your healthcare provider. These clues can streamline the journey to health, by eliminating dead ends and unnecessary tests to start your recovery sooner.

Get Moving

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve your digestion.

Exercise and gravity help food travel through your digestive system. Therefore, taking a walk after a meal may assist your body in moving things along.

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    Take care of your health today

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      Take care of your health today

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