Fertility, IVF, and Using Egg Donors

The highest quality infertility treatment from ADONIS

The infertility treatment process with the main aim – to get pregnant and to start a new happy family life can be difficult for some people. Different emotions can arise – frustration, disappointment or anger and different questions can float out – Why is my way to baby birth with such problems? Why do people all around get pregnant so easily? 

ADONIS Fertility International is your best assistance in the matter of reproductive health. Our own Donor and Surrogate base have helped numerous people around the world to gain parental happiness. The great experience of more than 23 years proves it.  

Egg or Sperm Donation is the choice of every individual couple. Only you can take the decision to use the help of the newest technologies in your infertility treatment. Perhaps, such a treatment process with donor usage is not for everyone, but results are really outstanding, so it’s your time to gather enough courage and change your life coordinately. Your happy family at the end of the treatment is the best reward which is worth the efforts.  

If you have a problem with natural conceiving, the first thing you need to undertake is to have a consultation with a skilled Reproductive Endocrinologist which will select the best treatment plan individually for you. Proper diagnosis with fertility testing at the ADONIS own laboratory and council of ADONIS professionals will help to ensure your safety treatment, even if you use the eggs from a donor to get pregnant.  

The experience of Egg donation and successful baby birth

Egg Donation is the best way for those couples which face fertility problems to have the family of their dreams. Donors are totally examined and healthy women who want to help others for various reasons – natural impulse or because of similar experience of close people. ADONIS Fertility International provides its own Surrogate base with selflessness, giving young women who are ready to start the Program immediately. 

If your journey to parenthood with Egg Donor usage is at the start, the full information with details about the process will make you feel more confident and safe. Egg Donation preparation, Egg Donors’ requirements, Egg Donation process – all necessary information is provided by a personal coordinator from ADONIS. His help is really essential to make the right decision. 

ADONIS own Surrogate base ensures your and your procreation safety and the best health. Our candidates meet the most rigorous requirements as part of our egg donor process.

The main aspects you need to take into consideration before Infertility treatment with Egg Donation:

  • Emotional readiness

Before the start of the Infertility Program using Egg Donation, you need to be totally sure in your readiness to become parents with the loss of creating a family on their own and having the child with no biological connection to both parents. It can be a really difficult question to ask yourself, which needs to be asked. Take your time and make a strong decision to have a happy family with a healthy baby in your hands, even if the child has no genetic ties to you (or to one of the couple). Remember that you are free to make any decision. 

  • Egg Donation process awareness

Egg Donation process can be difficult and intimidating, especially if you don’t have the experienced support from the side of your clinic. ADONIS own Donor Bank ensures qualified Egg Donors who undertake the multistage examination to be included into our database. We manage every step of the treatment and guide you through the processes. The skilled staff of professionals (including ADONIS own Legal Department help) provides the high level services to ensure everything goes smoothly. ADONIS clinics is the full cycle treatment with an Egg Donor selection, Egg Donor matching, medical evaluations, medications, egg retrieval, embryo creation, and embryo transfer. We coordinate all these steps for you. 

  • Egg Donation safety

Egg Donation type of infertility treatment is becoming more popular. ADONIS clinic’s medical base is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The whole Donation process is totally anonymous in Ukraine. The intended parents have the whole range of rights for the baby from the very beginning of the infertility treatment. They have no contact or communication with the donor. The whole range of information would be exchanged through the clinic. Our clients are totally protected thanks to the stable legislation of Ukraine in the area of Donations. And the safety is ensured by ADONIS clinic, our donors are totally healthy and diagnosed. 

  • Personal requirements 

It is really important to understand the main qualities you want to have in your Egg Donor. ADONIS clinics with its own Donor base provide the best selection according to the requirement and wishes of the Intended Parents – hair color, height, eye color, age, education and experience aspects, ethnicity, case history or genetic bonds – the possibility of choice is endless for our clients. We can select the Donor with almost identical appearance to the Intended Parents who aren’t biologically connected to the child. The variety is really wide – the choice can be according to personal interests, talents, or personality. ADONIS is always ready to help with a Donor who has similar traits to the intended parents, to find the most suitable candidate for the family. 

  • Donor Eggs cost

When you are ready to grow your family through Egg Donation, one of the most important aspects is the financial component. ADONIS Fertility International ensures the lowest level of price formation in the sphere of reproducology. We provide the widest range of additional services (Legal help, notarization, translation, personal coordination) which is included into the best prices for the Infertility Program. ADONIS all round care and support make the infertility treatment as a beautiful adventure. 

If you are ready to change your life with ADONIS Fertility International, come for the first consultation with our specialists to get know more about the Infertility treatment with Egg Donation. We work for your well-being and the best results – ADONIS Infertility Programs are waiting for you!

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