Tight shapes with ADONIS Mommy makeover

Pregnancy can seriously influence the quality of skin and body shapes. There is a special opportunity from the ADONIS clinic that will help to return the youth and beauty to your breast, tummy, legs or arms – your every request is taken into account to reach the best results. 

The newest ADONIS Mommy makeover Program is developed in compliance with the most common complaints from the side of newfound moms. 

Our experienced specialists combine the most technological medical approaches which ensure patients’ safety, treatment effectiveness and health state control. 

What is ADONIS Mommy makeover Program?

ADONIS Mommy makeover Program is a well-developed complex of plastic surgery treatment and all-round support aimed to correct physical changes from pregnancy period and children raising. 

The most impacted areas – breasts, abdomen, legs or hands are improved with the help of qualitative lifting. ADONIS ‘own technological basis provides a full examination process before the start to be sure of your safety. 

We adopt every Program according to your results and wishes. 

Who is the main audience for Mommy makeover?

ADONIS Mommy makeover Program is the right choice for women who want to change their body shapes after pregnancy and become even more beautiful and youthful.

We recommend experiencing this type of treatment at least a 1 year after giving birth to the last child and at least 6 months after breastfeeding completion. 

It ensures your body weight to maintain the post-pregnancy state and breasts to stabilize in shape and size. 

What are the main stages for ADONIS Mommy makeover?

Gradual improvements of the body shapes can be performed over the several appointments or surgeries – it’s all up to the personal request and individual specificities of the body. 

The main stages include – examination, treatment plan developing, treatment actions performing and controlled recovery stages. 

What are the advantages of ADONIS Mommy makeover?

ADONIS Programs for beautiful mothers include both medical and non-medical services. 

We use only certificated equipment to change body shapes and improve patients’ sense of self. So you will be under total control, be sure. 

From the range of ADONIS Programs advantages we can point out ADONIS own laboratory (pre-surgery examination), staff with long-term qualification (consultation and treatment process), personal coordination and support (booking, transfer, accommodation, translation services), etc.

Take an advantage from the best price on ADONIS Mommy makeover – 9729$ 

for medical and non-medical services. 

Contact us for more detailed information about the Mommy makeover Program – we are always ready to answer and help. 

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