Stem cell dental implants

Problem with tooth loss, or its deterioration is quite common among the population (both young and adult). Dental state and quality serves as one of the main basis for good health in general – that’s why a responsible approach to this sphere is a must.

Stem cells power in Dentistry 

Different techniques of implantation and prosthetics have now been joined by the latest and the most innovative one – Stem cell dental implants technology.

ADONIS always monitors the new developments in the medical sphere and implements it immediately. Dental health is now achievable with the help of your own organism power – Stem cells treatment in ADONIS clinics is available.

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    Stem cell notion 

    Stem cells are the progenitor cells of all cells and tissues in persons’ body. Stem cells are able to maintain their numbers through division and have the ability to differentiate (transform) into various types of cells – this particular feature helps to use them in the medical sphere to treat different systems and organs.

    Stem cells main special feature is that they stimulate cells to regenerate therefore considerably revitalizing and renewing the whole organism. 

    Qualitative Stem cell selection for the treatment process will help to reach great results and effectiveness. 

    ADONIS ‘own Stem cell base with tested and proven material ensures total safety for our patients and highest level of сomfort thanks to our own treatment basis with all needed services. 

    Dental Stem cells treatment in ADONIS 

    Stem cells therapy in Dentistry requires an individual approach to each case which ADONIS unconditionally provides. 

    Stem cell dental implants technology can help to grow new dental tissue by stimulating regenerative processes. ADONIS specialists use Mesenchymal (stromal) Stem cells (MSC) which are able to transform into cells of bone, cartilage, connective tissue, and form elements of blood vessels. 

    It can be an excellent replacement to traditional dental implants and dentures – Stem cell treatment is the treatment of the next generation. 

    ADONIS Stem cell therapy in Dentistry includes a treatment Program developed by experienced specialists and members of Worldwide Dentistry Associations.

    While total control over the processes ensured by the team of doctors, ADONIS own examination laboratory provides thorough diagnostics to identify роssible risks and reduce them completely. 

    During a personal consultation with a doctor an individual treatment plan will be adapted according to your tests results, health condition, case history, requests and needs. Up to 10 mln qualitative Stem cells will be injected for your well-being.  

    The main indications for Stem cell Dental implants technology is the same as for traditional Dental implantation and may include partial teeth loss or complete teeth loss. 

    Stem cell therapy also can be a part of traditional Dental implantation as the right tool for successful treatment results. 

    Combination of Dental implants treatment and Stem cell therapy will help to achieve the following objectives:

    • tissue healing effect improving
    • the rehabilitation period reducing
    • complex treatment with great results

    All medical processes will be carried out within several days. Stem cell therapy can be conducted during your Dental implantation or a couple of days after it. 

    Stem cell technology in Dentistry will become the most common one. It is more affordable, more accessible and even does not require surgical intervention –  get the profit from the newest technological treatment already in ADONIS. 

    Come for first consultation to clear out all aspects and make your final decision – let your beautiful smile shine forever with ADONIS clinics and Stem cell Dental implants. 

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    Take care of your health today

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      Take care of your health today

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