Labiaplasty in ADONIS Medical Center can be performed by the plastic surgery method or by the laser method. Doctors employ techniques that leave no external scars, preserve maximum genital sensation, and the result looks very natural.



Indications for labiaplasty:

the patient’s desire to correct the shape or size of the labia minora;

the elongation of the labia minora, caused by age, hormonal changes, after childbirth, weight loss;

congenital abnormalities;

physical discomfort caused by elongated labia (during sexual intercourse, while wearing tight clothing, riding a bicycle, horse riding, etc.).




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    Labiaplasty is a surgical change of the external genitalia (most often small labia).

    It’s a rather common surgical operation that involves surgical removal and movement of tissues and allows to correct the appearance of the labia. Basically, the reduction of the labia is carried out because of their elongation, when they violate aesthetic proportions and create discomfort during sexual intercourse.

    Labiaplasty is performed under the general anesthesia. This procedure can be carried out separately or in combination with the complex plasty of the vulva.


    – diabetes;

    – acute inflammations of the pelvic organs;

    – neoplasms of the urogenital system;

    – herpes in the acute stage;

    – descent of the pelvic organs (3-rd degree) with partial or complete prolapse of the uterus;

    – pregnancy;

    – oncological diseases;

    – venereal diseases;

    – violation of blood coagulation;

    – exacerbation of chronic diseases;

    – age under 18 years old.

    During the treatment

    Labiaplasty takes about 1 hour and is performed under general anesthesia. Following the pre-operative drawings, the surgeon removes excess skin and subcutaneous tissues from the intimate areas, achieving the desired reduction of the labia. The wounds are closed with absorbable sutures or are coagulated. After the surgery, the client remains hospitalized until the next day (minimum 12 hours).

    Labiaplasty in ADONIS Medical Center can be performed by two methods:

    Surgical method is performed under general anesthesia; the size and shape of labia minora are changed by resection. The site of resection is coagulated.

    Laser labiaplasty is performed with laser under general anesthesia – excision of excess tissues of labia minora. Resorbable surgical threads dissolve and leave no external scars.

    After the treatment

    Most patients experience mild discomfort, swelling and bruising after labioplasty which lasts 2-7 days. We recommend wearing loose clothing in the first days. The client should follow a stricter hygienic regimen to minimize the risk of inflammatory complications. Total recovery after the surgery takes about 4 weeks.

    Traveling back to the home country is recommended in 5-7 days following the labioplasty.

    Although you can return to normal activities and work within 2 days, you should refrain from jogging, biking, horseback riding, running, heavy lifting and sexual intercourse for about 4-6 weeks.

    After labiaplasty the patient should stick to the following recommendations:

    • do not visit the sauna and solarium for 4 weeks after surgery; do not swim in open waters and do not take hot baths;

    • treat the edges of the wound with antiseptic and wound healing creams after each urination;

    • do not use tampons;

    • do not wear corrective and tight clothes;

    • do not spend a lot of time sitting;

    • sexual abstinence for the entire rehabilitation period.

    Wound healing takes about 7-10 days. A week after the operation, the reexamination is recommended.

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