Full dental implants

Our lives greatly depend on a healthy state, it influences the quality and fullness of actions. Dental problems are not an exclusion.

When you have some unpleasant or even severe situations with teeth loose or pain – only qualitative Dentistry treatment is your right way towards a beautiful smile.

Full Dental implants Programs of ADONIS provide the widest variety of options using new techniques and progressive approaches.

Implantation and implants

An implant is an artificial tooth root made of biocompatible materials which are tested and safe for the patient.

The implants grow together with the bone tissue and can carry the load in the form of a single, partial or complete prosthesis. There is no equivalent alternative to implantation by the rate of comfort and universality in an everyday life.

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    In case of complete adentia, there are only 2 treatment options available:

    • a removable plate prosthesis
    • a prosthesis on implants

    The first option (a removable plate prosthesis) implies prosthesis installation which is made of acrylic or similar materials. 

    Such a construction is fixed with the help of a base resembling a part of the mucous membrane, or a special adhesive.

    There are only a few advantages of such type of Dental treatment – relatively low cost and partial restoration of chewing function.

    A prosthesis on implant (Full Dental implantation) tends to be the best solution in Dentistry to date. It has numerous advantages and exactly this type of treatment is provided by ADONIS on the highest quality level.

    The main advantages of Full Dental implants are the following: 

    • Complete chewing function (its restoration)
    • Loose dentures replacing 
    • Aesthetic view
    • Prolong the health of jawbone and surrounding dental/gum
    • Prevention of bone resorption (implants maintain face symmetry and prevent typical hollow cheeks)
    • Construction durability (implants can serve for a whole life in case of proper lifestyle and following the specialists’ recommendations)

    ADONIS skilled professionals will help to reach the best comfort with Full Dental implants. We ensure medical follow-up even after discharge, because we really care about the well-being of our patients. 

    ADONIS Full Dental implants options 

    Variety of choice helps us to treat an increasing number of people who have problems with teeth. 

    ADONIS provides the most requested world-famous techniques:

    • All-on-4 Dental implants (one arch)
    • All-on-6 Dental implants (one arch)
    • Full Dental implants (implants quantity depends on request)
    • Implantation with Dentium, Osstem, Root
    • Dental implantation with Stauman system 
    • Prosthetics with Veneers
    • Prosthetics with Dental crowns

    Every organism and case is unique that’s why we maintain a responsible approach ensuring qualitative examination and consultation before the start of Dental treatment.

    Full Dental implantation has its complex features – differences in upper and lower jaw structure, individual anatomic, etc. 

    ADONIS Implant surgeon will give you a detailed consultation, will evaluate your suitability for a сertain type of implantation with the help of clinical assessment and a CBCT scan.

    In any case, an alternative treatment method will be offered for your beautiful smile. 

    Cost of Full mouth Dental implants 

    In terms of Full Dental implants cost there is a great differentiation which depends on the materials used, initial dental state, type of Dental implantation, but, firstly, on the country in which the treatment occurs. 

    Full mouth Dental implants cost in Canada ranges from $7,000 to $28,000 per arch depending on the implants type. With no included additional procedures such as bone graft. 

    Full mouth Dental implants total cost in the UK is £24,800 (around $34,000) and consist of different payments for each service separately – 4-dental implants, full bridge of 12 teeth, etc. 

    Full Dental implants cost in the UK can be really costly over and above because of the accommodation cost.  

    ADONIS always manifests an affordable treatment process, the Dentistry Programs are not an exception. 

    Our high quality services are really the lowest on the world medical market – Dental Implantation cost begins from $317 to $14 359 – with a full package of care and services (both medical and non-medical). 

    The final cost of Dental Implantation depends on individual jaw structure and the teeth quantity. Our managers will calculate your final cost with pleasure on request.  

    Choose the option that fits you the most – full jaw Dental implants in the UK or Canada, Full Dental implants in Ukraine (ADONIS clinic). But always remember about the cost-effective proposal from ADONIS which ensures the best quality saving your money and time. 

    Your smile is the сalling card – rely on the ADONIS skilled professionals and live freely.  

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