Dental implantation

Control over dental health ensures teeth in a perfect state in the future. Teeth serve us not only for chewing, but as the basis of the jawbone, it is an essential part of the skull which can influence your whole condition. It seems unimportant for many, but teeth’ bad state сould be the beginning of different disorders development.

Dental Implantation

What are the indications for dental implantation?


missing tooth without damage of adjacent teeth

missing of several teeth

missing of lateral, chewing teeth

missing of the entire dentition (in this case, the installation of a fixed or removable denture is performed)

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    ADONIS Dental implants services will help you with proper teeth care – professionally, confidently and with full safety.

    Let’s make you smile beautiful for many years to come with ADONIS Dental implants.

    Dental implantation sense

    The most progressive technique of Dental implantation using the best dental implants is the way to restore both functional and aesthetic function of the dentition. Prosthetics methods can help to solve the problem with missing or deeply infected teeth.

    Dental implantation technique includes a complex process which is carried out by the dentist-orthopedist. The lost tooth root is replaced by the dental implant (directly into the bone tissue), it serves as really strong and reliable support for the crown.

    A complete construction (dental implant, crown) is a prosthesis. After the treatment finishes, it does not differ from “native” teeth, and relieves the patient from aesthetic and physical discomfort.

    Dental implantation in ADONIS

    ADONIS clinics are full of experienced specialists in different medical fields – Dentistry is not an exception.

    ADONIS Dental implantation is on the same level with worldwide one (especially compared with  Dental implants services in Canada or Dental implants in UK), but with more affordable price formation and additional support throughout the whole process.

    To make a preliminary assessment of the client’s Dental state, our doctors recommend having an individual consultation before Dental implantation. You need to carry out a CT scan and take several photos of the oral cavity. Such an approach will make your preparation for the implantation more understandable and the implantation itself the most successful.

    ADONIS Dental implantation helps our patients to live a fulfilled life with reliable implants which can serve throughout the whole life and safe procedures.

    ADONIS Dental implantation techniques include the following:

    • titanium dental implant and a dental crown installation (at one surgery, simultaneously)
    • dental implantation surgery and crown fixation (with interval of  8-15 weeks)

    Treatment planning and Dental implantation technique depend on the individual patient’s case, his/her examination results, case history and individual specificities. ADONIS professional doctor dentists will determine the proper way during a personal consultation at a clinic. 

    Safety and confidence

    Individual and complex approaches to each patient’s case ensure the highest efficiency of the treatment process in ADONIS.

    Dental implantation is carried out only after thorough examination in ADONIS own laboratory using the most precise equipment which are certificated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and worldwide medical society.

    Dental implantation on its own is provided under local anesthesia – professional anesthesiologists will consult with you beforehand and will take samples and tests. ADONIS creates a comfortable and patient-friendly environment for everyone who comes to us for help.

    Dental implantation stages include:

    • Dental implant surgical insertion
    • Abutment fixing to the dental implant
    • Crown insertion onto the dental implant set (final attachment process)

    Cost of Dental implants in ADONIS

    Your teeth are one of the most valuable things which require a special attention. But it does not mean that Dentistry services must be overpriced.

    When we consider Dental implants cost in Canada, Dental implants cost in UK, or cost of Dental implants in Germany – all the services are more expensive with no additional benefits.

    ADONIS Dental implants services and their cost is really affordable without reducing the highest level of care, professionalism and result orientation.

    We develop our treatment Program according to the needs of the patients providing non-medical services for additional comfort (included into the cost).

    Price of Dental implants in ADONIS starts from 1069$ to 1536$ for one tooth depending on the filling and treatment system. Moreover All-on-4-dental implants and All-on-6-dental implants are available for the most affordable cost from 11 296$.

    Contact our manager for more additional information. Make your appointment and start the most technological treatment process with ADONIS Dentistry.

    Implants we use


    • Aesthetics and functionality 
    • Prevention of bone deterioration
    • Good tolerance 
    • Stability 
    • Self confidence



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