Dental implantation

Dental implantation is a surgical procedure with the installation of a special titanium implant instead of a lost tooth, with the following fixation of a crown made of a material selected by the patient (for example, a ceramic crown). This technique is widely used for the loss of the entire dentition, tooth loss, and injuries of the oral cavity.

Dental Implantation

What are the indications for dental implantation?


missing tooth without damage of adjacent teeth

missing of several teeth

missing of lateral, chewing teeth

missing of the entire dentition (in this case, the installation of a fixed or removable denture is performed)

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    Dental implants are considered as the most effective way of replacing missing or deeply infected teeth.

    Dental implantation procedure itself isn’t a complex operation, it’s provided in a comfort, patient-friendly environment under local anesthesia.

    In some cases, the dentist-surgeon can perform bone grafting for more reliable fixation of the implants. The installed dental implant with a crown looks like a natural “own” tooth, fully fulfills all the functions of a real tooth and, with proper care of the oral cavity, serves the patient throughout life.

    Dental implantation techniques in ADONIS

    Our dentists use several methods for installing dental implants:

    • simultaneous installation of a titanium dental implant and a dental crown
    • dental implantation surgery and after 8-15 weeks – fixation of a crown

    The choice of treatment depends on the clinical indications that the doctor will determine during the consultation!

    Stages of dental implantation:

    Surgical insertion of dental implantat

    Fixing the abutment to the dental implantat

    Final attachment process of the crown onto the dental implant set

    Implants we use


    • Aesthetics and functionality 
    • Prevention of bone deterioration
    • Good tolerance 
    • Stability 
    • Self confidence



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