Complex vaginal rejuvenation

For all the problems in the intimate sphere that are left in the past, our gynecologists offer you intimate plastic surgery – surgeries aimed at improving the appearance of the genital organs, correcting congenital and acquired defects.

Complex vaginal rejuvenation

The main indications to intimate plastic surgeries and complex vaginal rejuvenation as well, are the following:

  • deformation of vaginal walls;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • laxity of labia majora;
  • congenital malformations of labia minora and labia majora;
  • laxity of vaginal muscles and an increase of vagina size.

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    The complex vaginal rejuvenation that is the intimate plastic surgery helps to:

    restore not only sexuality and the shape of genitals, but also the psychological comfort of the woman.

    Our doctors perform the following intimate plastic surgeries:

    • Hymenoplasty – hymen restoration.
    • Labiaplasty – reduction of labia minora, correction of their size and shape.
    • Plastic surgery of anterior/posterior vaginal wall.
    • Levatoroplasty – reconstruction of the pelvic floor.
    • Plastic surgery of rectocele – correction of anatomical forms of vaginal walls and rectum, as well as strengthening the vaginal-rectal septum.
    • Plastic surgery of cystocele – surgery of anterior vaginal wall prolapse and bladder prolapse.

    Laser intimate plasty is a non-invasive method that is becoming increasingly popular in aesthetic gynecology. Women over 40 have already appreciated the effectiveness of laser vaginal rejuvenation.

    The main indications to laser intimate plasty are the following:

    • age-related and postpartum changes of the vagina;
    • cicatricial changes of the vagina (including after childbirth and surgery);
    • kraurosis vulvae (vulvar lichen sclerosus);
    • atrophy of the vaginal mucous membrane;
    • the initial stages of vaginal walls prolapse;
    • the initial stages of stress urinary incontinence;
    • decrease of sexual sensations (both for a woman and her partner);
    • atrophic changes of the vulva;
    • hyperpigmentation of the vulva and perineum.

    The main advantages of laser technology are:

    • no blood loss and scars after the treatment;
    • minimal area of intervention;
    • improvement of skin tightness, the skin becomes firm and supple;
    • minimal recovery period after the treatment;
    • the sensitivity of tissues in intimate areas is maintained;
    • the procedure does not require a hospital stay.

    Laser intimate plastic surgery in Adonis Beauty is performed with IDS laser.

    The doctors of ADONIS Medical Center will find delicate and professional approach to each patient, use modern technologies that will help to get rid of the complexes, gain self-confidence, and increase their self-esteem and sexual attractiveness.

    Allow yourself to improve one of the most important areas in the woman’s life that motivates us to look and feel young.

    Be always desired and attractive!

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