Ceramic dental implants

Dental implantation helps us to prolong total health of the oral cavity and save the aesthetic of a beautiful smile and appearance. 

Ceramic Dental implants tends to be a reliable and safe method to replace your “native” teeth with only the highest qualitative material provided by ADONIS Dentistry. 

Do not be shy of your smile – choose ADONIS clinics to experience a well-developed treatment process with perfect results.

Сeramic Dental implants in ADONIS

Ceramic constructions used for Dental implantation in ADONIS are a durable and aesthetic solution in which the crown (the outer part of the implant that imitates a tooth) is made without the use of metal.

Several main advantages of ceramic are its smoothness, high bioadhesive and resistance to dyes.

Сrowns made of metal-free ceramic have excellent external descriptions: сolor of ceramics maximally identical to natural teeth of a patient, therefore they look very organic and attractive, maintaining your physical specifications of dental and jawbone.

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    ADONIS Ceramic dental implants Programs

    Metal-free ceramics is the latest technique in Dentistry which imitate healthy teeth in order to achieve high aesthetic qualities. Really high strength and quality of Ceramic Dental implants in ADONIS exceeds the strength of human enamel, that’s why length of their service will be even more than natural teeth.

    In addition to above-mentioned advantages of ADONIS Ceramic Dental implants there are more:

    • Resistance to corrosion – Ceramic constructions do not oxidize when in contact with saliva
    • Perfect biocompatibility – human body perfectly accepts ceramics. Moreover, ceramic implants tend to be hypoallergenic
    • Aesthetics – it is almost impossible to distinguish Ceramic Dental implants from “natural” teeth. Also, Ceramic constructions do not provide a gray line at the edge of the gums after implantation, as it can be with metal ones.

    Ceramic Dental implants suited for almost all cases, but there are several indications to use such kind of Dentistry treatment: 

    • Personal metal intolerance (especially to metals used in prosthetics)
    • Both functional and aesthetic defects 
    • Crown part destruction of the tooth
    • Teeth missing (one or more)
    • Special need to install the lightest possible implant (so not to overload the teeth or oral cavity)

    Individual consultation with ADONIS experienced specialists will help to identify the best variant of implantation for you according to examination results, personal intolerance, case history and initial state of oral cavity. 

    Ceramic Dental implants cost in ADONIS

    Affordability is one of the main basis of ADONIS work. We create the most comfortable conditions for our patients maintaining the highest quality and approved materials. 

    Doesn’t really matter in which part of the world you will be experiencing the Dentistry treatment – Ceramic Dental implants in Canada or Ceramic Dental implants in UK is also good, but the main reason is price/quality ratio. 

    ADONIS ensures the best balance between the low Programs’ cost and all around care from qualifying staff. And with great effectiveness, of course. 

    ADONIS Dentistry Department is always ready to start the treatment process immediately – apply for more information and begin the new chapter of your life. 

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      Take care of your health today

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