Mommy makeover Program

The time of pregnancy is the time of magic and tenderness. It is the time when your body is changing and developing to bring new life into the world. 

ADONIS Mommy makeover Program will help to recapture your beautiful forms and lines with the help of a complex medical approach.

Give yourself more confidence and self-love with ADONIS clinics. 

ADONIS Mommy makeover essence

Mommy makeover is an effective technique of comprehensive plastic surgery, specially developed to restore a figure after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Some changes for a woman’s body after the baby birth can be hard to restore on your own. This is the right time to address professional ADONIS medical help which provides an individual approach to each case maintaining both physical beauty and mental calm. 

ADONIS Mommy makeover Program includes a complete body and breast restoration with the following procedures: 

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction of the belly
  • Augmentation mammoplasty
  • Breasts implantation 
  • Liposuction of the legs and hands

ADONIS Mommy makeover Program implies your complete transformation with further controlled rehabilitation. 

Please, pay your attention that each case is special, so the first consultation with an ADONIS specialist will help to underline your treatment program and main areas of improving.

ADONIS Mommy makeover effectiveness

Effectiveness of ADONIS Mommy makeover Program will be fully visible after the rehabilitation stage (the duration can be different in each case). 

The main results of Mommy makeover include: 

  • Breast lift (sagging breasts elimination)
  • Breast volume return
  • Abdominal area lift (elimination of sagging skin which was stretched during pregnancy)
  • Elimination of abdominal muscles diastasis
  • Elimination of fat deposits in the waist and hips
  • Hand skin lift

ADONIS Mommy makeover Program and safety

ADONIS clinics have their own technological basis with medical laboratories, the latest equipment, operational and staying rooms.

Each package includes both medical and non-medical services which ensure your safety throughout the whole treatment process:

  • Pre-surgery examination 

Individually adapted examination plans help to eliminate possible risks and make your Mommy makeover of the best results – HIV, ECG, Chest X-ray, Blood sampling.

  • Plastic surgeon consultation 

The specialist evaluates your initial state (body and breast forms) to make your transformation without health damage. 

  • Anesthesiologist consultation 

 Consultation is carried out before the surgery to exclude possible individual intolerance and response on Endotracheal anesthesia. 

First, for the safety of newfound moms, ADONIS specialists recommend experiencing the Mommy makeover Program at least a 1 year after childbirth and at least 6 months after breastfeeding completion. 

ADONIS Mommy makeover non-medical services include: 

  • Standard Plus Room hospital stay
  • Translation services
  • Booking services support
  • Airport transfer 
  • 24/7 concierge services

ADONIS Mommy makeover Program is developed for women who want to feel themselves even more beautiful. Contact our managers to begin your own transformation right now. 

Mommy makeover

ADONIS Mommy makeover Program is a well-developed complex of plastic surgery treatment and all-round support aimed to correct physical changes from pregnancy period and children raising.

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