Surgery doctors

Igor Viznyak

MD, Head of the surgical department, a surgeon at the ADONIS Medical Centre

Taras Pavlenko

MD, Head of the Surgery Department, Abdominal Surgeon, Bariatric Surgeon

Taras Voytok

MD, Obstetrician-Gynaecologist, Head of the gynaecology department at ADONIS on Podol

Private doctors surgery

The treatment process is really complex and complicated one. It is a matter of utmost importance to trust your medical care in the hands of the best specialist of the field with a credible experience, especially if we are talking about surgery.

ADONIS Surgery Department is represented by the surgery doctors of the highest level. The medical practice of every specialist supported by multiple surgeries and experience period with more than 14 years. The skilled team of professionals have a practice based on bariatric surgery, venectomy, abdominoplasty, mammoplasty, planned and urgent surgery, surgery of purulent pathology, colon resection in case of benign lesions. Only highly educated specialists lead the Surgery Department and control its work.

The whole range of medical offers are conducted by specialists of different fields – cardiovascular, gynecological, plastic surgery and other treatments.

ADONIS surgery doctors are dedicated people that focus on the best result. The main objective is to make your life better and you personally happier.

Constant professional development of ADONIS surgeons is very credible, therefore special training, courses and conference participation is an integral part of their work. You are always welcome to learn the all facts of education, professional experience, additional knowledge of every surgery department representative. ADONIS specialists are cherished not only in Ukraine, but in Europe itself. You can learn it from firsthand.

The prompt diagnostic is a bail of good health and disease prevention. ADONIS precise diagnostics before operative treatment allow identify the problem at an early stage. Our medical staff is always ready to provide a professional consultation related to your symptoms, complaints and general health condition. Because we know that a well-conceived survey is the key of resultative treatment.  ADONIS provides the latest equipment for diagnostics manufactured in the USA and Germany. The quality of every detail is important, that’s why we are painstakingly working to ensure your wellbeing.

ADONIS diagnostic facilities:

  • laboratory tests
  • ultrasound
  • X-ray
  • computer tomography (CT)
  • instrumental studies (ECG, colonoscopy, endoscopy)

ADONIS Surgery Department provides a large choice of treatment directions, which include:

  • cardiovascular surgery
  • bariatric surgery
  • gynecologic surgery
  • urologic surgery

ADONIS Surgery Department benefits:

  • wide range of surgery directions
  • highly experienced medical staff with practice more than 14 years
  • diagnostic with usage of high technological equipment
  • wide offer of surgery procedures
  • high work standards of European quality

The ADONIS Surgery Department together with professional private doctors surgery, nurses and other medical staff is a role model of the treatment process. Thousands of grateful patients, medical outcomes and healthy lives – all of this is a credit of ADONIS surgery specialists. Your health is only your choice, let your choice be the ADONIS clinic.

Check out ADONIS surgery team and make the right choice.

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