Dental implantation: What are the main nuances?

Dental implantation: What are the main nuances

The health of the oral cavity and teeth is a stable basis for better life quality and medical condition. 

When you are looking for the options of dental implantation, there are several aspects you usually take into account – quality of materials, skills of the doctor, price formation, treatment duration, etc. 

Let’s consider every nuance of the dental treatment to provide you the most essential information you need to know before being involved into the treatment process. 

Dental implantation and its indications

Dental implantation is an operation which includes the insertion of the implant into the gums. Such an implant imitates the real tooth root of the person, and is a perfect basis for the crown. 

Veneers are also indicated as a kind of Dental implantation. It is an ideal method of teeth restoration with the help of ceramics. 

The main indications for Dental implantation are the following: 

  • Single tooth loss – when a tooth loss place is adjacent to healthy teeth and dental implantation is performed with traditional dental bridge.
  • Partial teeth loss – when edentulism is indicated by mainly back teeth missing, using of traditional dental bridge is complicated. 
  • Complete tooth loss – when all the teeth are lost, the only solution is to use a fully removable denture prosthesis. 

 A full dentition is a coherent mechanism that can fail when its integrity is violated. That’s why a proper examination of the dentist will help to find the right solution that will ensure quick recovery and return to a normal life without additional concerns. 

Dental implantation and materials 

Dental implants can be made from different materials that determine their different qualities. 

The type of material can influence the following aspects: 

  • Strength and service duration of the implant
  • Reaction of the organism (its ability to easily integrate into patient’s tissue)
  • Cosmetic appearance

Most often, dental implants are made from the following materials:

  • Titanium and its fusions (with aluminum, vanadium, niobium, molybdenum, etc.)

Such implants are strong, lightweight, easily integrated by the organism tissues, and cost-effective. Term of the serving is from 25 years and for life, because the titanium grows together with bone tissue. Titanium is considered to be the most common type of metal for dental implants. 

  • Zirconium dioxide

This type of material is commonly used when the patient has an allergy to metal to specific metal or its fusions. One of the significant advantages of Zirconium dioxide is its invisibility through the gums (when it is used for “root” component). This material has low rates of osseointegration and is difficult to process in the oral cavity. However, a Zirconium implant is rather expensive compared with other materials.

ADONIS International, for example, is known especially for using only certified material from verified manufactures. Every patient comes through the several steps diagnostic to verify that dental implants are acceptable for the organism of an individual. The full cycle treatment process of ADONIS clinics provide the opportunity to undergo the whole dental transformation in-house on ADONIS own facilities. 

Dental implantation and its cost

The cost of dental services, and especially of dental implantation largely depends on the severity of the case, tooth implantation method, dental implants material that was chosen, etc. 

That’s why such questions as “How much do dental implants cost?” can not be answered without the initial examination of a professional dentist. 

In ADONIS International clinics you can easily get all essential information just by getting in touch with managers by phone, or by making an appointment with a clinic specialist that will consider your personal case and make an individual plan of treatment. 

At average price formation for ADONIS dental implantation packages varies from $1069 – $14 359.

Dental implantation themes may arise a lot of questions, especially if you have no professional doctor that can advise you the best. Such questions as “How much are dental implants?”, “What is the best material for dental implants?”, “What are the stages of treatment?” are understandable and substantial, so we hope that some of such questions were answered by this article. 

If you want to get more information about dental implantation and dentistry as a whole – you know where to address, ADONIS Contact us page is always at your service. 

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