Dental implantation process: The main points

Dental implantation process

Teeth health is the matter of the highest importance, that’s why Dental care has become something we do on an everyday basis.  

When it comes to dental medical care and implantation, you need to know basic things to be fully prepared. Let’s consider together the Dental implantation and important aspects of this procedure. 

Dental implantation basis

Dental implantation is a kind of dental operation which implies the usage of so-called root implanted into the gum of the patient. It mimics the root of a tooth and can be made from a variety of materials.

The individually designed dental crown (an overlying aesthetic replacement of the tooth) is imposed into the abutment. Such a construction fully follows the patients’ tooth form and sensation. 

Modern prosthetics based on implants is possible in almost all cases, regardless of the location or extent of the dentition defect.

Dental implantation is usually indicated in the following cases: 

  • Teeth missing (one or more teeth);
  • Tooth row defects (partial and terminal);
  • Complete teeth absence;

Dental implants are especially required when there are no conditions for high-quality full or partial dentures fastening, as well as in case of intolerance to the materials from which removable dentures are made.

Dental implants materials 

The process of implantation implies the usage of only biologically compatible materials that are implanted into the jaw bone. Such an approach ensures a more successful integration process and a faster recovery period. 

Implants are distinguished by the production material, and can be of titanium, gold, zirconium, ceramic, fiberglass, etc. 

The most common and popular one is titanium. 

As for the shape, they are distinguished into plate, screw, cylindrical and tubular implants. Most of them have a porous coating, which contributes to its mechanical retention in the jaw bone and biocompatibility with it.

ADONIS International uses only certificated and high-quality material implants of Straumann Swiss company for your Dental treatment. 

Straumann implants possess the following qualities: 

  • SLActive material doubles the healing and engraftment
  • SLActive material reduces complications with immediate loading 
  • Roxolid material 35% stronger than titanium (such quality allows creating the tiniest implants)
  • Roxolid material halves the need for bone augmentation (it reduces the cost of whole treatment, and it’s duration)
  • Roxolid material provides 30% faster engraftment than titanium

The whole process of Dental implantation is divided into well-developed steps that include obligatory examination before the start with additional check for possible intolerance to any of materials used.  

Because your health and comfort are our highest values. 

Dental implants durability

How long do dental implants last? 

The durability of dental implants depends on various factors, the main of which are the price range, materials used for production, the quality of installation, etc. 

The most common implants that are used in a majority of dental clinics serve on average 10-30 years. 

ADONIS clinic Dental Department provides certificated Swiss Straumann dental implants that have a lifelong guarantee. 

Straumann provides the necessary elements to service every implant, regardless of changes in models, design or technology. This unquestionable Swiss quality has been restoring healthy smiles for 70+ years. 

Dental implants cost

Why do dental implants cost so much?

Dental treatment is a process that requires a lot of investment – both financial and time. 

If you made a decision to transform your beautiful smile – you need to be ready for dental implants cost. 

ADONIS Dental implants Programs include not only medical help, but also additional nonmedical services which confirm the highest level of care and support throughout the whole treatment process. 

The cost for Dental services in ADONIS varies from $317 to $14 359 for the variety of requests – Prosthetics with Veneers, All-on-4 (All-on-6) Dental implants, Prosthetics with Dental crowns, Aligners, Stem cell therapy in Dentistry, etc. 

But you need to understand that you pay for real quality, longevity and all around support. 

Dental implantation process will bring you only happiness and health support if you choose the proper clinic.  

Do not be afraid of something new in your life – the new technological Dental treatment is the way to find the way towards a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.  

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