Rehabilitation is one of the most important processes on the way to a quick recovery. The best therapists of ADONIS will help you to become active and full of energy again as soon as possible.

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    PM&R physician consultation:
    Collecting medical history, diagnostics, and testing of motor, functional and other disorders.

    Testing using the clinical scoring system to determine the degree of disturbance: balance, coordination, decreased strength, spasticity, dysfunction of upper limbs, walking disorder, self-care, and overall quality of life.

    Compilation of a rehabilitation program based on the identified data:
    Using the clinical scoring system, we identify the main problems, predict their elimination, and the rehabilitation methods that we will use.

    Individual rehabilitation practices include:
    A set of therapeutic exercises and recommendations aimed at improving general mobility, reducing pain, restoring range of motion and other systems, and the body in general, balance, coordination, increasing strength, muscle endurance and improving movement skills, restoring or compensating of impaired or missing functions.
    Exercises, massage, manual-muscular and joint techniques, and preformed physical factors.
    Training in self-care, movement, independent activities, and maintaining proper physical condition and health.
    The progress of a physical therapy program is constantly analyzed, making all necessary adjustments.

    What we use in a course if a program?
    Therapeutic exercises
    Manual-muscular and joint techniques: 
    • PNS – Proprio-Neuromuscular Stimulation – to stimulate regaining movements in paretic muscles and increasing painless range of motion;
    • PIR – Post Isometric Relaxation – to reduce the contract, reduce pain and restore normal range of motion;
    • Bobath therapy – to normalize muscle tone and restore proper motility, improve voluntary intentional movements in the lower and upper extremities and restore missing motor skills.

    Our comfortable RehabGYM is fully equipped with: 
    Swedish ladder, balancing platforms, gymnastic balls, treadmill, stairs, and inclined surfaces.

    PhD,Head of the rehabilitation department, Rehabilitation specialist, Physical therapist

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      Physio rehabilitation is an important clinical area. After all, the fight against the disease does...

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        Take care of your health today

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